HSNSHigh Speed Network Service (various companies)
HSNSHistorical Studies in the Natural Sciences (journal)
HSNSHealth Systems Nurse Specialist (University of Nebraska)
HSNSHeart Smart North Shore (British Columbia, Canada)
HSNSHormone-Sensitive Nephrotic Syndrome
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The sensing mechanism of coated microfibre is based on the change of transmission loss due to the RI changing of the coatings caused by the adsorption of AMCs (simethicone) on the HSNs film.
Vulnerable narcissism (HSNS) was negatively related to adaptive measures of cognitive (r = -.22, p < .001) and affective empathy (r = -.22, p < .001), and was positively related to a maladaptive measure of affective empathy (r = .46, p < .00).
The files contain demographic information, including name, health services number (HSN), age, date of birth, and address; event-related information, including diagnosing facility, laboratory tests reported, and type and date of treatment; and risk factor information, including sexual history, drug and alcohol use, and number of partners.
The considered network model is a Heterogeneous Sensor Network (HSN) composed of H-sensors, that is, powerful nodes and L-sensors, that is, having limited capabilities.
Despite enthusiasm for the potential that PHRs, PCHRs, HSNs, and QST hold for research and health outcomes, many significant challenges remain.
We used the 10-item HSNS (Hendin & Cheek, 1997) to measure covert narcissism.
En este modelo, como variables independientes se emplearon las variables categoricas de trastorno de personalidad pasivo agresivo, antisocial, histrionico, limite, narcisista y comportamiento antisocial junto con las variables cuantitativas obtenidas con la puntuacion total de las escalas EPN, HSNS y EAR.
* A faculty work group at the University of Nebraska designed an innovative master's curriculum, the Health Systems Nurse Specialist (HSNS) program, to respond to these needs.
Although the language of the report specifically criticized the number of the Navy's MFOs, the reduction itself was in the Navy's entire public relations field program, which also included FHTNC, HSNS and the exhibit unit.
High Speed Net Solutions (HSNS) and Summus Limited have unveiled their first generation, Summus three dimensional (3D) software.