HSOCHomeland Security Operations Center
HSOCHigher State of Consciousness (Josh Wink song)
HSOCHumane Society of Ocean City (Ocean City, NJ)
HSOCHilux Surf Owners Club (Toyota off-roading; Japan)
HSOCHome Station Operations Center
HSOCHigh Strength Oval Chain (Bobcat)
HSOCHours Since Oil Change
HSOCHokkaido Subaru Owners Club (Japanese car club)
HSOCHonda Shadow Owners Club (UK)
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The HSOC, a private, non-profit (501)(c)(3) organization serving the community of Ocean City, New Jersey, operates a no-kill animal shelter, a veterinary medical center, an affordable spay/neuter clinic and a humane educational center.
HSOC is an institution-focused intervention as opposed to a problem-focused intervention (see Figure 1) (Gone & Alacantara 2005).
* Maintain operational familiarity with HSOC and the supported tactical commander.
When the governor declares a state of emergency, he or she also notifies the regional FEMA director, who in turn, notifies the FEMA Director, and in turn, the Secretary of Homeland Security through the HSOC. The operations center evaluates the situation and prepares recommendations for the Secretary and potential presentation to the President.
Reachback consists of terrain teams at division and corps levels (UEx and UEy); the regional HSOC, to include topographic engineering battalions and the TGD; and the US Army Corps of Engineers[R] Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) Topographic Engineering Center (TEC).
OOC would "provide the Secretary with improved crisis and operational management tools" and include the Homeland Security Operations Center (HSOC), the staff of which monitors threats and incident management operations.
It is clear that the organization needed to support the Objective Force must have some capability at the unit-of-action (UA) level, a fairly robust topographic capability at the unit-of-employment (UB) level, and a very robust capability at the HSOC level.
Many of the functions traditionally done in the analysis and controls element (ACE) may be performed with the majority of our analysts operating from HSOC with a smaller number of personnel and equipment deployed forward in the area of operation.
If responsibility for HSAS is vested in PD, how will communication between HSAS staff and the Homeland Security Operations Center (HSOC) staff (proposed to be located in the new Operations Coordination office (OC)) be facilitated?
The Combined Arms Center (CAC) at Fort Leavenworth is developing the Home Station Operations Cell (HSOC) concept, with input from Army G2 and the Intelligence Center.
The EOCs are staffed round-the-clock, are electronically connected with each other, and are also connected with the Homeland Security Operations Center (HSOC) at DHS which in turn receives inputs from all other Cabinet departments.
The key element in achieving this may be the concept of the Home Station Operations Center (HSOC).