HSOSHuairou Solar Observing Station (China)
HSOSHollywood Symphony Orchestra Society (Beverly Hills, CA)
HSOSHigh-Spin Open-Shell
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(iii) A recent hybrid optimization algorithm (called HSOS) is used to solve the pseudodynamic bearing capacity minimization optimization problem.
The overview of the optimization algorithm HSOS is presented in Section 3.
Many HSOs are less dependent on charitable contributions to fund day-today operations as government contracts make up a large portion of revenue, sometimes as much as 90 percent.
(4) In them, the focus is management of health services delivery in HSOs such as hospitals, clinics, and other provider organizations.
The largest and most prominent HSOs are in the public sector, but there are also many not-for-profit, and even some for-profit, human service organizations.
Until recently, dogs, cats, and people all over the world ingested a constant supply of HSOs. That no longer happens in the U.S., where indoor lifestyles and cleanliness keep HSOs out of our mouths and food supply.
Top executive leadership and organizational innovation: An empirical investigation of nonprofit human service organizations (HSOs).
Evidence suggests, however, that it is not uncommon for human services organizations (HSOs) to be confronted by competing ideological demands in an external environment marked by fragmentation and change (Hasenfeld, 1992a, 1992b).
He began consuming a natural compound known as Homeostatic Soil Organisms (HSOs), along with a dietary program he now calls "The Makers Diet".
As a University Professor of Public Health and Gastroenterology, I found this theory to be academically sound, and as a Clinical Epidemiologist, Physician, and Clinical Nutritionist I was intrigued at the possible health benefits my own patients might enjoy if given HSOs, particularly those with serious chronic health problems, who make up the bulk of my practice.