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HSPHeat-Shock Protein
HSPHighly Sensitive People
HSPHarcourt School Publishers (est. 1919; Orlando, FL)
HSPHospital Corporation of America (stock symbol)
HSPHereditary Spastic Paraplegia
HSPHot Soup Processor (programming language)
HSPHalal Snack Pack (Australia)
HSPHamburger Schreib-Probe (German writing sample diagnostic)
HSPHealth Service Provider
HSPHenoch-Schoenlein Purpura (inflammation of small blood vessels)
HSPHoog Sensitieve Personen (Dutch: Highly Sensitive People)
HSPHighway Safety Program
HSPHypersensitivity Pneumonitis
HSPHigh Stakes Poker (TV show)
HSPHot Spare
HSPHealth and Safety Plan
HSPHuman Services Policy (USA)
HSPHigh Speed Processing
HSPHigh Speed Publishing
HSPHigh Speed Polygon
HSPHigh Speed Profile
HSPHost Slave Present
HSPHeadset Profile
HSPHigh Speed Protocol
HSPHost Support Package
HSPHigh Speed Plotter
HSPHandheld Software Platform
HSPHosting Service Provider
HSPHuman Subject Protection (Office for Human Research Protections; US DHHS)
HSPHrvatska Stranka Prava (Croat Party of Rights/Law; Bosnia and Herzegovina)
HSPHidden Subgroup Problem (mathematics)
HSPHigh-Speed Photometer
HSPHargreaves Services PLC (UK)
HSPHead Start Program (various locations)
HSPHost Signal Processing
HSPHigh Scoring Pair
HSPHigh Speed Printer
HSPHigh Speed Photometer
HSPHigh Street Partners (various locations)
HSPHabitat Stewardship Program (Canada)
HSPHigh Speed Processor
HSPHuygens Scholarship Programme (Netherlands)
HSPHot Springs, Virginia (airport code)
HSPHorst Schlämmer Partei (German fictional political party)
HSPHigh Service Pump (water treatment)
HSPHealth Strategic Plan (various locations)
HSPHealth Scrutiny Panel (UK)
HSPHousing Services Program (various locations)
HSPHigh School Profile
HSPHigh-Speed Pulse
HSPHealth Sector Policy (various organizations)
HSPHemorrhagic Stroke Project
HSPHellenic Studies Program (Yale University; New Haven, CT)
HSPHigh Security Padlock
HSPHorizontal Sync Pulse
HSPHigh Set Point
HSPHost Signal Processor
HSPHome Staging Professional
HSPHigh Standard Products (various locations)
HSPHealth Survey Program (various locations)
HSPHealth Stabilization Program (US NASA)
HSPHonors Scholar Program (various schools)
HSPHigh Steam Pressure
HSPHealth Sciences Professionals
HSPHigh Speed Proxy
HSPHome Support Professional
HSPHigh Speed Peering
HSPHeroin Signature Program
HSPHumanitarian Support Professional
HSPHaleakala Stokes Polarimeter
HSPHome Schools Program (Pakistan)
HSPHidden Sevice Protocol
HSPHousing Selection Process (various schools)
HSPHospital Specific Portion
HSPHub Satellite Processor
HSPHypersensory Perception
HSPHuman Sciences Program
HSPHardware Simulation Program
HSPHalf-Sine Pulse
HSPHershey Sundae Pie (Burger King)
HSPHalf-Shade Plate
HSPHuman Serum Pre-Albumin
HSPHard Schedulability Property
HSPHot Stamping Press
HSPHalf-Spectrum Property
HSPHot Start Preventer (UH-60 Black Hawk)
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As for the forthcoming general elections in BiH, people in the HSP BiH believe that "the story of non-recognition of elections is aimed at national homogenization from which only some parties benefit, while the real truth is that the ruling parties have neither offered nor fulfilled none of their pre-election promises" says the HSP's statement issued by the party president , Nikola Raguz.
HSP also has special relationships with the Glen Ellyn Food Pantry and Teen Parent Connection.
Two major diagnostic criteria for HSP are widely in use, one developed by the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) in 1990 (13) and the other by the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) in 2005.
A great majority of patients recover from HSP completely, nevertheless, the condition may be associated with several rare complications.
With the slogan 'B aware, B tested, B vaccinated, B treated,' HSP hopes to erase the social stigma associated with the disease and encourage more people to get themselves tested.
Accordingly, HSP was regarded as the cause of his AP.
The classical tetrad of HSP includes palpable purpura without thrombocytopenia and coagulopathy, arthritis/arthralgia, abdominal pain, and renal involvement.
The arthritis associated with HSP usually affects the lower extremities, and is oligoarticular, nondeforming, and transient, with prominent swelling and tenderness.
NAVSUP FLC initially reviews the PCEs from the HSP to make sure everything is fair and reasonable prior to sending to the ship.
Longitudinal studies have suggested that nearly 75% of patients with hemiplegia experience HSP during the 12 months after stroke (Price & Pandyan, 2001).
There are a few studies have measured serum or plasma HSP 72 level in response to training.