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HSPA1AHeat-Shock 70-KD Protein 1A
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Forhecz et al., "Elevated extracellular HSP70 (HSPA1A) level as an independent prognostic marker of mortality in patients with heart failure," Cell Stress & Chaperones, vol.
Mean HSF-1 and IL-10 mRNA was slightly increased 30 min after lower and upper body exercises, respectively, while HSPA1A, NF-kB, IL-6 mRNA, and the IL6/IL10 ratio was decreased.
HSF-1 and HSPB1 mRNA was slightly higher 30 min after exercises, and IL-10 mRNA was significantly higher (p < 0.05) while HSPA1A and the IL6/IL10 mRNA ratio was slightly lower in the same time.
Irrespective of significance, the direction of changes observed in HSF-1, HSPA1A, and NF-kB mRNA was similar.
The best studied gene polymorphisms of HSP70 (HSPA1) family--HSPA1B (+2074G/C and +1267A/G, rs1061581), HSPA1A (+190G/C, rs1043618) and HSPA1L (+2437T/C, rs2227956)--were selected for analysis.
The electrophoresis for HSPA1B and HSPA1L genes was performed in 1.5% agarose gel and for HSPA1A gene--in 7.5% polyacrylamide gel, followed by ethidium bromide staining and transmitted UV light analysis.
Moreover, the proteome in the present study included several laryngeal cancer-associated blood markers identified in previous studies, such as CAT, IL6, IL8, S100A9, PFN1, HSPA1A, MMP2, MMP3, KRT19, SERPINB3, PRDX3, and LGALS3BP These results verified the quality of the laryngeal cancer-derived "secretory/releasing" protein database in uncovering novel biomarkers for this disease.
Cheng et al., "Development of rapid and highly sensitive HSPA1A promoter-driven luciferase reporter system for assessing oxidative stress associated with low-dose photodynamic therapy," Cell Stress & Chaperones, vol.
Of these, the gene for HSPA1A was the most strongly down-regulated (-66%) (Table 1), and that for CREM was the most strongly up-regulated (+145%) (Table 2).
(a) Probe set ID Gene symbol Location 200800_s_at HSPA1A 6p21.3 242904_x_at MGC8721 8p12 213281_at JUN 1p32-p31 229264_at FLJ39739 237510_at MYNN 3q26.31 229054_at FLJ39739 202732_at PKIG 20g12-q13.1 229872_s_at KIAA0493 8q24.13 230574_at 224495_at MGC10744 17p13.1 243_g_at MAP4 3p21 244741_s_at MGC9913 19q13.43 221419_s_at 219503_s_at FLJ11036 3p25.1 240406_at USP16 21q22.11 241749_at 9q31.1 228932_at 227667_at 239063_at 236509_at 200655_s_at CALM1 14q24-q31 221384_at UCP1 4q28-q31 203834_s_at TGOLN2 2p11.2 225122_at RNF31 14q11.2 229975_at Probe set ID Gene description 200800_s_at heat shock 70 kDa protein 1A 242904_x_at hypothetical protein MGC8721 213281_at v-jun sarcoma virus 17 oncogene homolog (avian) (b) 229264_at FLJ39739 protein (M.