HspaceHolographic Services, Products and Creative Environments Inc.
HspaceHolographic Space
HSPACEHorizontal Space (Java)
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VR first invested in Hspace in 2007, and is the lead investor in HII - a significant expansion for a cross-border trucking company.
HII's mandate is to fund holographic applications that are ready to go to market, focusing initially on the portfolio of products and services specifically prepared for Hspace.
com; phone 1 416 929 0247 ext 1; email Andrew@ Hspace.
The latter two are platinum sponsors and Hspace will be hosting a close of conference evening party at the Holographic Glass Workshop in Toronto, to which all delegates are invited.
Hspace chairman Andrew Laczynski told Holography News that they expect most production to be of the 24" sq size, and they are able to produce several hundred a month.
Larry Lieberman has now joined Hspace as director of holography full time, and he is assisted by Dr Songcan Lai, who learned holography in Beijing with Prof Xu.
The trophies for the winners were holographic megaliths in black glass (see above), designed and supplied by Hspace (an award winner itself in the Industrial category) for the second year running, and were presented, along with certificates for the runners-up, by IHMA chairman Hugues Souparis.
Award: Hspace, Visual Impact Technologies and Waterjet Workshop for the Spectrum collection of holographic glass tiles
Hspace and Magna are discussing a three-year development agreement, through which Laczynski hopes to involve holographers and hologram companies.
Contact: Hspace, Phone: + 1 416 929 0247; Fax + 1 416 929 6498; www.
Andrew Laczynski, founder of Hspace, describes these as 'a new structural holographic surface' for the decorative design and architectural markets.
The embossed biaxially-oriented polyester film is manufactured to specifications provided by Hspace and the combined elements create a colorful, deep image effect.