HSPDSHarvard Speech and Parliamentary Debate Society (est. 1983; Harvard University; Cambridge, MA)
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That same day, the President inaugurated the issuance of HSPDs "that shall record and communicate presidential decisions about the homeland security policies of the United States." The initial directive concerned the organization and operation of the HSC; the second, also issued on October 29, pertained to combating terrorism through immigration policies; (5) and the third, issued March 11, 2002, established the Homeland Security Advisory System of five graduated threat conditions to apprise the executive branch and the nation of the risk of a terrorist attack.
(7) While unclassified HSPDs are usually available from the White House website upon issuance and are published in the Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents, they are not published in the Federal Register or reproduced in the Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States.
Additionally, they maintain that such a merger might result in some economies, if only minimal, and might also provide an opportunity to eliminate what they see as the somewhat redundant HSPD series.
(46) Additionally, as mentioned earlier, Bush II introduced a separate series of HSPDs that cover homeland security policy decisions.
My estimates put the figure from 1961 to the present at around 1,327; if we include the study series and HSPDs, the figure moves up to approximately 1,790.
I have also included in Figure 1 the total number of NSDs incorporating the study series (and HSPDs) in order to provide a more accurate reflection of the total number of NSDs issued by each president.
As the brief review of the development of NSDs shows, their function is not only to provide reviews/information for the president to make decisions about national security policy but also to provide a vehicle for "recording and communicating presidential decisions" (HSPD 1, October 29, 2001) about national security policy.