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x] = Exergy capacity [Wh]/[Btu] HSPF = Heating seasonal performance factor m Mass flow rate [kg/s]/[lb/s] N = Useful life span [years] r = Interest rate [-] SF = Solar fraction [-] [T.
2004) discussed the climate-related variation of SEER and HSPF ratings for heat pumps and air conditioners.
We offer products up to 23 SEER and with HSPF ratings up to 11.
The SEER or HSPF ratings on HVAC equipment represent the absolute best efficiency that you could ever hope to achieve, assuming the other components are all designed and installed to work in conjunction with this piece of equipment.
Sensitivity analysis was employed to study four HSPF model output variables: streamflow, surface runoff, interflow outflow, and active groundwater outflow.
The peace officer initiative came about after the donation-funded HSPF was approached by West Midlands Police.
To further investigate nutrient processing in the watershed, the USGS HSPF model [1] was modified to include simulation of nutrient processing on land and in the Ipswich River and tributaries.
In fact, we are already seeing efficiency results today for SEER and HSPF near Department of Energy (DOE) 2015 ratings, based on current system integration testing.
2 HSPF, with the entire line rated ENERGY STAR Most Efficient.
These stakeholders can make more informed choices when selecting space-conditioning equipment than they would have been able to using the published SEER and (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) HSPF performance ratings or the originally published models' default coefficients.
Increased system efficiency: up to 20 SEER, 13 HSPF and 16 EER.
Notably, the air conditioners under current AURA Series have SEER have ratings as high as 23 for cooling and a HSPF of 10.