HSPFHydrological Simulation Program–Fortran
HSPFHeating Season Performance Factor
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Consumers ought to note that the regulation does not require them to install a new water heater that meets the HSPF requirement.
We offer products up to 23 SEER and with HSPF ratings up to 11.
The SEER or HSPF ratings on HVAC equipment represent the absolute best efficiency that you could ever hope to achieve, assuming the other components are all designed and installed to work in conjunction with this piece of equipment.
Application, utilization, and interpretation of water quality models, specifically HSPF,
Using information that can be obtained from these heat pump models, homeowners and building design professionals can make more informed choices when selecting space conditioning equipment than they would have been able to using the published SEER and HSPF performance ratings.
Notably, the air conditioners under current AURA Series have SEER have ratings as high as 23 for cooling and a HSPF of 10.
Different performance metrics such as SEER and HSPF are converted to the simulation inputs using the approach by Wassmer and Brandemuehl (2006).
The heat pump systems meet EnergyStar efficiency requirement: cooling SEER of 14 and heating HSPF of 8.
In order to bring the measured data more in line with the SEER and HSPF calculations two sets of corrections are made: one based on outdoor air temperature and another based on return air temperature.
The heat pump unit (excluding the refrigerant- to-water heat exchanger) meets minimum federal standards for SEER and HSPF and has an EER of 10.
9 HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) heat pump in operation for 15 years in Phoenix, Arizona with various refrigerants.