HSPMHazardous Substances Process Management (International Electrotechnical Commission)
HSPMHuman Sentence Processing Mechanism (language comprehension)
HSPMHippocampal Synaptic Plasma Membrane
HSPMHot Swap Power Management
HSPMHypomineralized Second Primary Molars (dentistry)
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Health events in more than one chronological period were found in 15.1% of the total HSPM cases.
No significant associations were found between HSPM and child's chronic illnesses, antibiotics usage, soy-extract intake, immunisation history, mother's occupation (70% were housewives), mother's age at birth, medications taken during pregnancy, gestational age at delivery and family history of enamel defects.
Therefore, any medical condition of significant risk to MIH that experienced during the post-natal period (for instance) would be inappropriately accounted for a HSPM as well.
The ANAB accreditation, effective 5 August 2010, provides added assurance to Intertek customers that the company's HSPM certification program meets internationally-recognized standards.
Intertek's HSPM program is part of an extensive Green Services portfolio that offers complete solutions addressing global, regional, and local compliance and chemical safety built on sound traceability systems.
QC 080000 IECQ HSPM is the international technical specification for an organization's processes to manage and minimize, or eliminate hazardous substances.
HSPM [Elfrink et al., 2008], enamel hypoplasia [Pascoe and Seow, 1994], enamel defects [Aine et al., 2000]) are used in the literature.