HSPQHigh School Personality Questionnaire
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During the second session two weeks later, the TXP-C was collected and the HSPQ the POSIT and the TXP-A (again ) were administered to the adolescent.
Regarding the psychopathological variables, Tables 6 and 7 show the multiple significant correlations found between the total scores and the two factors, both TXP-A and TXP-C, along with the CAQ and HSPQ scores.
As in other studies, parental socialization variables are significantly related to personality variables (Castaheda, Garrido-Fernandez & Lanzarote, 2012) measured by the HSPQ probably reflecting the complex reciprocal relationships between the personality of the adolescent, their behavior, received parental socialization and their perception of parental socialization (Iglesias & Romero, 2009).
HSPQ Cuestionario de Personalidad para Adolescentes.
The scores on the personality characteristics of the subjects were obtained by administering Cattell's High School Personality Questionnaire (HSPQ).