HSPRHarness Single Point Release
HSPRHigh-Speed Pulse Restorer
HSPRHumane Society of Puerto Rico
HSPRHealth Service and Population Research (Institute of Psychiatry; UK)
HSPRHenrob Self-Piercing Rivet
HSPRHigh Speed Pulse Repeater
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* Health policy and systems research (HSPR) journals should strengthen and/or better implement their conflicts of interest (COI) disclosure policies.
Nowadays, reversible watermarking algorithms based on HSPR have been studied extensively, and many researchers pay attention to the improvement of the predictive precision and the height of histogram.
The first part of this section provides descriptive results pertaining to the control variables of gender, ethnicity, and HSPR. On gender, 57.5% were female in Florida and 47.6% were female in Oregon.
In the sections below, I briefly describe the HSPR as a whole, discuss in detail one of the 32 papers (HSPR 30)--on acute respiratory infections--and offer a health economist's perspective on disease surveillance.
Like most doctoral programs, Canada's current HSPR programs have been designed to prepare graduates for traditional academic careers.
All three commentators point to the old saw that HSPR research needs to work with decision makers to advance research with impact.
Strictly speaking, their comparison of "dollars spent" in 2010 on HSPR in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, is incorrect, in that it fails to adjust for the fact that virtually all Canadian research grants--unlike those in the United States and the United Kingdom--pay no portion of any investigator's salary, and only a paltry overhead to their institution (less than 20% of direct costs, in comparison with much larger "overheads" paid in the United States and the United Kingdom--eg, 50% of the grant value in the United States's NIH grants, including all investigators' salary support).
The HSPR literature is littered with shining examples of compelling evidence developed over long periods of time, pointing to particular policies that would, in all likelihood, meet the Triple Aim (3) (to improve patient experience, population outcomes and affordability).
Health services and policy research (HSPR) evaluates processes related to the organization, management, delivery, regulation and finance of healthcare services.
Increasing expectations of greater engagement between decision-makers and policy-makers (potential knowledge users [KUs]), and researchers conducting health services and policy research (HSPR) have led to exploration of factors associated with effective partnerships: many health research funders are developing guidance for health system/academic collaboration.