HSPSHuman, Social, and Political Science (UK)
HSPSHigh Speed Processor Subsystem
HSPSHigh Speed Problem Solving
HSPSHigh Speed Power System
HSPSHistorical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences (journal)
HSPSHead Start Performance Standard (education)
HSPSHigh Speed Peripheral Shelf
HSPSHighway Safety Program Standards (US Army)
HSPSHydrographic Single-Beam Processing System
HSPSHelicopter Self Protection System
HSPSHigh Speed Packet Switching
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Contudo, esta resposta homeostatica de organizacao da membrana parece ser transitoria, com duracao de poucas horas; o acumulo de HSPs especificas nas regioes de alteracao induziria um aumento na rigidez da membrana, a fim de que esta possa recuperar suas caracteristicas normais de fluidez; apos o restabelecimento das condicoes pre-estresse, a membrana inativaria os sinais de perturbacao e finalizaria a sintese de HSPs.
Congress could also help by allowing the HSPS to become entrepreneurial and let it run more like a business with fewer governmental restrictions.
According to Sarafino's (2005) recommendations, the six HSPs were presented in random order throughout the survey.
1996); however, primates exposed chronically to [O.sub.3] had repressed HSP70, among other HSPs (Wu et al.
The induction of the Hsps expression is mediated by the induction of the heat shock transcription factors (HsFs) through binding to the heat shock element (HSE) in the promoter region of the Hsp genes.
Aron and Aron (1997) developed the HSPS to assess for SPS, hypothesizing that humans have innate variability in sensitivity to environmental and emotional stimulation and depth of processing.
The increased expression of HSPs has been shown to be protective, mainly mediated by the HSPs capacity to act as molecular chaperones, preventing inadequate protein folding and transporting denatured proteins to target organelles for renaturation, degradation, or repair.
Heat Shock Proteins (HSP) are one of the most important biomolecules involved in thermoregulation during stress conditions (Ravaschiere et al., 2017; Datta et al., 2017).
citri (Nava et al., 2007); however, adults were shown to respond to short periods of exposure at 42 [degrees]C by stimulating the production of HSPs (Marutani-Hert et al., 2010; Hall and Hentz, 2014).
Data showed that arimoclomol induced relevant Heat-Shock Proteins (HSPs), such as HSP70, and enhanced the folding, maturation, activity, and correct cellular localisation of mutated GCase across several genotypes, including common mutations in primary cells from Gaucher disease.