HSPTHigh School Placement Test
HSPTHigh School Proficiency Test (New Jersey)
HSPTHigh Speed Power Turbine
HSPTHuman Studies Project Team
HSPTHard Sphere Perturbation Theory (physics)
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Overall engine performance validation, including testing to simulate the HSPT flow function.
Secondly, the LM2500+G4 gas generator coupled with the HSPT was validated at GE Oil & Gas facilities in Massa, Italy, covering all conditions for mechanical drive and generator drive applications.
Maintenance of three turbine General Electric LM2500 + HSPT type of SES Chania, Linoperamata SES and SES Rhodes, a General Electric turbine type LM6000PC SES Linoperamata and a General Electric turbine type TM2500 + SES Rhodes for a period of 3 years.