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HSRCHuman Sciences Research Council (Republic of South Africa)
HSRCHighway Safety Research Center (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
HSRCHazardous Substance Research Center
HSRCHealth Services Research Center
HSRCHumboldt Senior Resource Center
HSRCHypothetical Signaling Reference Connection
HSRCHighway Seismic Research Council
HSRCHealth, Safety and Reclamation Code
HSRCHawaii Society for Respiratory Care
HSRCHigh School Red Cross
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67) The new Latin syllabus would probably incorporate a larger portion of classical culture; the matter could not be pursued further until this syllabus and the report of the HSRC on the European languages (French, German and Latin) appeared.
I congratulate the HSRC for ably setting in motion this training.
While a handful of hospitals tried to discredit HSRC through the local media, others launched legal challenges.
For a detailed discussion and source references, see Du Plessis, A, "Military Intervention: Nature and Scope", in Du Plessis, L and M Hough (eds), Managing African Conflicts: The Challenge of Military Intervention, HSRC Publishers, Pretoria, 2000, pp 3-72.
Bow cases and arrow cases for traditional tackle follow suit, such as the HSRC Recurve Case constructed of "modified styrene with a twin full length #8 YKK zipper" and interior foam pad.
Many capital initiatives have been deferred by hospitals as a result of budgetary constraints, while others were postponed pending reviews by district health councils and the HSRC.
The trend to megastructures is exemplified by RAU University Buildings (Wilhelm Meyer et al), the excesses of Post-Modernism by the HSRC Building, Pretoria (1988, Pauw et al) and the replication of the past and Neo-Classicism, by Revel Fox's Bank City, 1994.
Because job success depends on good work habits and appropriate interpersonal behavior, HSRC assists students in developing these traits so vital for success in the workplace.
Conclusions published in the HSRC final report (Rice, 1973) indicated that a comprehensive approach that combined people who are skilled communicators and who have knowledge and understanding of the consumer population make a difference in the success of their clients' rehabilitation.
Programme Director; I am very grateful to the German Government s technical Development Agency, (GIZ) for their commitment to fund this study, so soon after the April 2015 ILO, Department of Labour, HSRC multi-country Report.
Teacher education and the challenge of diversity in South Cape Town, South Africa; HSRC Press.