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HSRCHuman Sciences Research Council (Republic of South Africa)
HSRCHighway Safety Research Center (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
HSRCHazardous Substance Research Center
HSRCHigh Speed Rail Corridor (various locations)
HSRCHealth Services Research Center
HSRCHumboldt Senior Resource Center
HSRCHalf-Symbol Rate Carrier (wireless communications)
HSRCHead Start Research Conference
HSRCHypothetical Signaling Reference Connection
HSRCHighway Seismic Research Council
HSRCHealth, Safety and Reclamation Code
HSRCHawaii Society for Respiratory Care
HSRCHigh School Red Cross
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Contemporary research suggests that the presence of a 'social father' (HSRC, 2018, p.
Deaths were verified by cross-checking data from the HSRC treated patient database and SIM database from 2000 to 2012.
"Having a partner such as HSRC that committed the capital needed to restore the brick, high ceilings, etc.
(1) Monde is a National Research Foundation rated scientist and a Research Director in the Human and Social Development (HSD) research programme of the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) in Pretoria, South Africa.
Our selection models estimated HIV prevalence in males aged 15-49 years at 15.1% (95% CI 12.1-18.6), compared with 14.5% (95% CI 12.8-16.3) in the 2012 HSRC report; [2] selection model HIV prevalence in females aged 15-49 years was estimated as 23.3% (95% CI 21.7-25.8), compared with 23.2% (95% CI 21.3-25.1) in the 2012 report.
(16) HSRC is the only Center for High Complexity in Oncology (CACON) at Espirito Santo, assisting the entire state, beyond the south of Bahia and Northwest of Minas Gerais.
Prof Henderson informed the meeting about the HSRC reports on the position of Latin at schools, and mentioned that the late Prof Bruwer had to be replaced as CASA representative; this would be done at the Second Businees Meeting.
It was at the HSRC also that John became a founding editor of the State of the Nation series of volumes of original essays on contemporary South Africa.
"It's always difficult to say we did research that led to a decision that was made 5 years after the research was done," says Forrest Council, a senior research scientist at the University of North Carolina HSRC. "However, the Highway Safety Manual has tools that offer a lot of new ways for States and other users to analyze their data.
The HSRC, which was started by the indigenous Haida people of western Canada in response to dwindling salmon stocks, has contested the raids and allegations of illegality.
Data were collected from April to July 2011 as part of a larger Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) project on child and family well-being in the context of HIV/AIDS and poverty, "Sibhekelela izingane zethu" (SIZE).
China, the world's most populated nation, will soon become the world's most surveilled, besting the United States as the largest market for security cameras in 2014, according to a report from Homeland Security Research Corporation (HSRC).