HSRLHigh Spectral Resolution Lidar
HSRLHealth Services Research Library (US NIH)
HSRLHaskins Shellfish Research Laboratory (New Jersey)
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Models and preliminary experiments suggest, in addition to measuring water vapour and other airborne particles, the HSRL can provide measurements for fine-grained, high frequency temperature profiling.
Two key remote sensing systems used on the GV during CSET were the HIAPER Cloud Radar (HCR) developed by NCAR EOL and the high-spectral-resolution lidar (HSRL) developed under the NSF HIAPER Aircraft Instrumentation Solicitation (HIAS).
More than a colleague it is hard to envision that Susan will no longer be around to provide level-headed advice and humor.--John Kraeuter, former Associate Director of HSRL, NSA Past President
Through collocated observations from AERI, Doppler lidar, and HSRL, SPARC was able to characterize the meteorology of the environment and provide valuable insight as to the atmospheric conditions associated with ozone outbreaks.
At approximately weekly intervals, during the spring, summer, and fall of 1991 and 1992, spat were collected in lower Delaware Bay, mostly from intertidal sand flats in front of the HSRL Cape Shore Station (Fig.
1528 Hepregen Corporation 1471 Hlsto-Scienliflc Research Laboratories (HSRL) 628 HistoTox Labs, Inc.
The new version builds on the previously released High-Speed Reliable Logging (HSRL)TM syslog-ng software, the logging tool with the highest performance ever measured and documented.
virginica was from two sources: wild oysters from Delaware Bay and hybrids between Delaware Bay wild and a hatchery stock (NEH, the same stock used by Xu et al., 2001) maintained at the Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory (HSRL), Rutgers University, New Jersey.
HALO was equipped with the HSRL (532 nm) and the water vapor DIAL WALES, HAMP with a 35.6-GHz cloud radar and microwave radiometers, the cloud spectrometer (specMACS), and the visible to near-infrared SMART instrument (Table 2).
New York, NY, October 07, 2011 --(PR.com)-- BalaBit IT Security - also known as the “syslog-ng company” - announced its High-Speed Reliable Logging (HSRL) technology and the latest version of syslog-ng, the first HSRL log server in the world.
2009) and New Jersey (HSRL 2012) use exploitation rates based on historical performance.