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HSRPHot Standby Router Protocol (Cisco)
HSRPHeart/Stroke Recognition Program
HSRPHydrographic Services Review Panel (US NOAA)
HSRPHealth Sector Reform Project (Philippines)
HSRPHigh Speed Research Program
HSRPHot Swapable Routing Protocol
HSRPHigh Speed Rotary Prism
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Association president Mahesh Malhotra told M AIL T ODAY , "We have approached the transport ministry several times regarding the issue in northeast states-- including Meghalaya-- explaining the manipulation and misdeeds of Nitin Shah to fleece the common man by selling HSRPs at abnormal rates.
After that you will have to go to a HSRP centre where you can get the number plate fixed.
The HSRP manufacturers also offer a five- year warranty on the number plates.
The centres were supposed to be up and running but had been delayed because Rosermerta Technologies Limited ( RTL), the private company entrusted with the task of implementing the HSRP project, could not expand its infrastructure in time.
Unencrypted and encrypted wired sided leakage of security protocols (Spanning Tree, HSRP, CDP, VTP, DTP, VRRP, and NetBios, is a critical problem in the hotels and casinos as a leaking path is not just one way, it's bi-directional, what leaks out can leak back in.
The HSRP program awards recognition to physicians who demonstrate that they provide high quality care to patients with cardiac conditions or who have had a stroke.
NetMRI summarizes the analysis results into an easy-to-understand Network Scorecard(TM) that gives the network engineer or manager a view of the health of the major network systems, such as VLANs, Security and HSRP, plus a list of network issues to investigate and correct.
The redundancy solution functions transparently with the industry standard router redundancy solutions, HSRP and VRRP.
The solution expands its management of Cisco (Nasdaq:CSCO) devices by adding support for Cisco VPN Service Module (VPNSM) and Cisco IOS HSRP Clusters.
mobile ad-hoc networking (MANET), mainframes, HSRP, IP
Resilience is achieved with standards-based HSRP (IETF RFC-2281) function, or a hardware bypass.
Characteristics such as consistent VLAN architectures, high availability through HSRP, consistent application of network policies, security and mobility support through DHCP are all maintained through the Catalyst system software.