HSRSHoward Stern Radio Show
HSRSHIOX Star Rating System (web script)
HSRSHigh Strain Rate Superplasticity
HSRSHealth Sector Reform Strategy (World Health Organization)
HSRSHurricane Supersonic Research Site
HSRSHealth Standard Resources System
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Min Jae Cha, M.D., from the Chung-Ang University Hospital in Seoul, South Korea, and colleagues identified the prevalence, patterns, risk factors, and preventive measures for ICM-related HSRs.
(PFN) have agreed to engage in joint research and development on Toyota's Human Support Robot (HSR) robotics platform.
Current and future demand for HSRs (two questions in our interview protocol);
There are no known risk factors for oxaliplatin-associated HSR. HSR is thought to be a Type I hypersensitivity Ig-Emediated reaction as the patients develops HSR after multiple infusions of oxaliplatin.[10] Readministering oxaliplatin to patients with HSRs has been attempted using several methods, such as using prophylactic agents (i.e., hydrocortisone and antihistamines), extending administration time, and using desensitization procedures.
Therefore, it is of great significance to comprehensively analyze the stability and evaluate the confidence level of backfill mining under primary HSRS. At present, the main methods of slope stability analysis include the limit equilibrium theory, the numerical analysis method, the stochastic analysis method, and the fuzzy analysis method [6, 7].
Currently, 37,343 km distance of HSRs is in operation and an additional 51,794 km distance is under construction or planned.
We assumed that ventilators can be stockpiled centrally by the Texas DSHS or locally by hospitals in Texas' 8 HSRs (online Technical Appendix Figure 1).
During the last few decades, high-speed railway (HSR) has developed rapidly in China, with a total length of 19,000 kilometers [1], accounting for approximately 60% of all HSR in the world.
The researches on broadband and narrowband channels in HSR or subway environments have been conducted over the last few years.
In their totality, the recommendations of HSRS represent a strategic vision by the Administration for the Hurricane Sandy recovery process, including how federal funds should be expended, how federal agencies should synchronize their efforts, and how the region can leverage the recovery process from Sandy to prepare for future disasters.
Menon, who has prepared home study reports (HSRs) for around 1,500 adoptions in the Gulf over the last 27 years, said she has more than 20 applications with complete dossiers pending with her since November.