HSRSHoward Stern Radio Show
HSRSHIOX Star Rating System (web script)
HSRSHigh Strain Rate Superplasticity
HSRSHealth Sector Reform Strategy (World Health Organization)
HSRSHurricane Supersonic Research Site
HSRSHealth Standard Resources System
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Third, 12 of the 89 students gave a rating of 5 points or less on each one of the 10 points of the HSRS.
Fourth, the Total Score on the HSRS is supposed to be the overall rating or evaluation by the student of high school involved:
Eleven of the 89 students had a total score of less than 50 on the HSRS evaluation; suggesting a failing high school-normal curve suggests 16%.
First, a t-test was computed between the means for all scores on the HSRS between the male and female students.
Second, a similar t-test was computed between the college and non-college students of the study, and again no statistically significant difference was obtained for either of the scores on the HSRS.
It should be noted that based on that data, but with a very limited sampling, each of the 10 part scores on the HSRS display independence of organization, and with little or no overlap of involvements with the other scales.
Table 1 Principal Components Factor Analysis of HSRS Part Scores