HSRTHealth Sciences Reasoning Test (educational measurement)
HSRTHigh School Readiness Test
HSRTHawaii Society of Radiologic Technologists (Honolulu, HI)
HSRTHuman System Research and Technology (US NASA)
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The HSRT was administered as a pretest at the beginning of the academic semester.
Data from the HSRT pretest and posttest scores was examined according to overall and percentile scores, and the five types of reasoning--inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, analytic reasoning, inference, and evaluation--were used to determine the overall score.
Further, Elchin Shirinov (jazz pianist), talented singers Sarhan Bunyadzade and Zabit Aliyeva, Elshan Munsurov (kemancha), Elchin Nagiyev (tar), and Husameddin Azizov (naghara) presented the project of musicologist Jahangir Selimkhanov "alvq v Hsrt".
HEALTH SCIENCE REASONING TEST (HSRT) The HSRT, administered via computer, is a standardized examination of critical thinking skills used by students and professionals in the health sciences (Facione, 2013).
El espacio destinado para la realizacion de las valoraciones en la sede del programa Madre Canguro del HSRT cuenta con aislamiento termico y sonoro mas o menos adecuado, lo que representa condiciones ambientales que garantizan la homogeneidad y rigurosidad de los examenes.
The sanctions mean the HSRT will not receive financial assistance from the ASRT and will no longer be included under the ASRT's group exemption as a nonprofit organization for tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service.
Para lograr la informacion se utilizo en primer lugar el contacto con la enfermera jefe de la Sala de Maternas del HSRT para indicar las historias clinicas de las mujeres gestantes que estaban hospitalizadas con diagnosticos de alto riesgo materno.
The health sciences reasoning test HSRT [Test manual].
RESULTS The change in HSRT mean scores was determined to be significant for the intervention group at the .05 level and insignificant for the control group.
Results indicated a modest increase in composite HSRT scores (1.48 points) h)r the experimental group and a nonsignificant increase (.92 points) for the control group.