HSRTHigh School Readiness Test
HSRTHawaii Society of Radiologic Technologists (Honolulu, HI)
HSRTHuman System Research and Technology (US NASA)
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After an informed consent form was signed, students completed the Student Demographic Survey, 15 TOH tasks, HSRT, and their videotaped pediatric medication administration OSCE.
The 11 predictors included: age, gender, ethnicity, GPA, previous health care work experience, TOH performance score (average number of extra moves/ task), and five subscale scores on the HSRT.
For the HSRT, a report of descriptive data (means, frequencies, and percentages) was delivered from the proprietor, Insight Assessment.
In addition, the HSRT's opposition to the legislative effort is a violation of the charter agreement between the HSRT and the ASRT, signed in 1948.
The HSRT opposed the CARE bill because it included educational requirements for limited x-ray machine operators.
This point was not understood by HSRT members, said Ms.
As in Dreifuerst's study, participants took an alternate posttest version of the HSRT, which is similar but not identical to the first to eliminate bias due to familiarity with the items.
Clinical reasoning was measured using the HSRT (Facione & Facione, 2006), a 33-question, validated, multiple-choice test designed to assess critical-thinking skills in health science students (undergraduate and graduate) and professional health science practitioners.
Reliability is established for the HSRT using the Kuder-Richardson-20 calculation for dichotomous multidimensional scales.
INSTRUMENT The HSRT, a as-item test of critical thinking for health care professionals (Facione et al.
Results This study explored and contrasted the effects of simulation and case study instructional methods on changes in nursing students' scores on the HSRT critical thinking test.
Although students were not randomly assigned to condition, pretreatment equivalence in HSRT pretest composite scores was observed for the HFPS and case study groups (M = 19.