HSSAHumane Society of Southern Arizona (Tucson, AZ)
HSSAHigh School Sports Association
HSSAHealth and Social Services Authority (UK and Canada)
HSSAHydraulic Shock and Sway Arrestor (Bergen-Paterson)
HSSAHyland Ski & Snowboard Area (Bloomington, MN)
HSSAHealth Service Support Area (US Army)
HSSAHigh Speed Switching Accessory
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AHPA and HSSA encourage the use of these GACP systems in the U.S.
To date, over 1,400 individuals have completed GACP training through HSSA.
AHPA and HSSA believe that adoption of recognized GACP practices demonstrates the quality of botanical ingredients in consumer products and supports the industry's continued commitment to transparency for herbal products in both the U.S.
Initial HM For p = 1 : Max_p For j = 1 : n If HM[j] == p - 1 AND EPD(X, j, p) == 1 HM[j]++; Else If HM[j] == 1 - p && EPD(X, j, p) == -1 HM[j]--; End End HM[1] = HM [n] = Max_p + 1; Return HM PSEUDOCODE 3: Function HSSA (X, HM, Max_p).
The process of hierarchy segmentation series accessing (HSSA) function, along with the original time order in X, selects the data points that satisfy [absolute value of HM(j)] = Max_p in terms of the HM.
In fact, after HSSA processing is done, the HSS corresponds to X after data reduction, while attempting to maintain as much key information as possible.
HSSA made detailed deliberations on the issues presented to it, covering various Sharia aspects relating to Islamic banking business in the Sultanate and gave its opinions in light of the discussions.
In addition, HSSA met with members of Sharia Supervisory Boards (SSBs) of Islamic banks and Islamic Banking Windows of conventional banks.
In the HSR samples, the expansion at all PUCB bonded levels was lower than un-bonded expansion, although PUCB had less of an effect than on the HSSA samples.
The samples bonded with ester cured phenolic (ECP) binder showed a secondary peak or flattening of the contraction side in the LSSA and HSSA samples.
In addition, "HSSAs would allow an employer, individual (employee), or both to make tax-deductible contributions to the account of up to $2,000 per year for individual coverage or $4,000 per year for family coverage.