HSSAHumane Society of Southern Arizona (Tucson, AZ)
HSSAHigh School Sports Association
HSSAHealth and Social Services Authority (UK and Canada)
HSSAHydraulic Shock and Sway Arrestor (Bergen-Paterson)
HSSAHyland Ski & Snowboard Area (Bloomington, MN)
HSSAHealth Service Support Area (US Army)
HSSAHigh Speed Switching Accessory
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In addition, HSSA met with members of Sharia Supervisory Boards (SSBs) of Islamic banks and Islamic Banking Windows of conventional banks.
The samples bonded with ester cured phenolic (ECP) binder showed a secondary peak or flattening of the contraction side in the LSSA and HSSA samples.
The presence of furan binder on the sand grains did not change the overall expansion peak, but the HSSA sands showed increasing expansion directly proportional to the binder content.
After reviewing the information with Premier Region Director Michael Douglas and TZ Medical Regional Account Manager Laila Tribou, Kaerstner took the information to a HSSA Regional meeting.
They hope to share their successes with other members of HSSA, a Seattle-based regional group purchasing organization affiliated with Premier Purchasing Partners.
Nineteen are aggregated contracts for better pricing through HSSA.
On that basis, our Board made a unanimous decision to go forward with Premier," said Michael Bernstein, president, HSSA and Chief Financial Officer of Valley Medical Center, an HSSA member.
ZAA acoustic antenna assembly, hydraulic stabilization system and antenna control HSSA.
ZAA acoustic antenna assembly, hydraulic control system and antenna stabilization HSSA.