HSSDHospital Sterile Services Department
HSSDHigh Sensitive Smoke Detector
HSSDHot Standby Space Diversity
HSSDHyperSpace Secure Daemon
HSSDHispanic-Serving School District (various locations)
HSSDHealth Systems and Services Development
HSSDHealth and Social Services Department
HSSDHigh Sensitivity Smoke Detector
HSSDHolly Springs School District (Holly Springs, Mississippi)
HSSDHigh Speed Service Delivery
HSSDHoward-Suamico School District (Green Bay, WI)
HSSDHot Springs School District (Hot Springs Arkansas)
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The HSSD operated under the direction of the United States Council for Automotive Research (USCAR), an umbrella organization that works on monitoring and promoting cooperative, precompetitive research and development programs for Chrysler, Ford and General Motors.
In 2000, dissatisfied with inadequate research about what district students were learning, HSSD administrators sought the advice of the National Office of Research, Measurement and Evaluation Systems at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.
The database allowed HSSD teachers and administrators to see printed results the day after the tests, illustrating the specific academic areas in need of improvement and enabling the teachers and administrators to adjust teaching accordingly.
Also in 2000, Don Waldrip, founder and first executive director of Magnet Schools of America, led a workshop for HSSD administrators describing the advantages of a magnet school format.
Today, after these extensive reforms, HSSD has been highlighted as an innovative district by the U.
He predicts that HSSD also will augment traction, steering, suspension, braking and other vehicle-control functions by the mid- 1990s.
de Benito likens HSSD to a highway -- in this case, an electronic data highway.
Though all three scientists modestly refer to their research as "transparent technology," HSSD will facilitate some exciting possibilities down the road, particularly in the areas of mobile offices and intelligent vehicle highway systems, so-called "smart highways," that will be capable of traffic flow control and speed regulation, as well as crash avoidance, in the not-so-distant future.
In addition to district-wide assessment and prescriptive intervention, HSSD also uses PLATO Learning as an intervention and remediation tool for students serving in-school suspension.