HSSGHigh Speed Study Group
HSSGHigh-Speed Signal Generator (Tektronix)
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Helicopter operators are satisfied there is no reason to believe there is an inherent mechanical problem with any of the Super Puma models, the HSSG said.
Commenting on the move, CEO Ahmed Bin Shafar said, "We awarded this project to HSSG as the company is handling projects of similar nature in Business Bay.
The HSSG is due to meet again on Wednesday to review the situation unless "any significant information come to light before this date".
A study by the IEEE HSSG (High Speed Study Group) showed that by the year 2010, the bandwidth required in core networking will be best satisfied by 100Gbit/s interfaces.
3 working group authorized the HSSG to become the IEEE P802.
In July, the HSSG agreed to pursue a single standard that will delineate Ethernet at both 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps.
The Ethernet Alliance members contributed to the HSSG efforts and provided pivotal input as the study group developed its recommendations for a single PAR with two rates to accommodate the growing bandwidth demands in both the networking and computing industries," said Brad Booth, president, Ethernet Alliance.
The HSSG investigated the needs and requirements for the next speed of Ethernet technology.
3 HSSG and ITU-T, and forums like ATIS and the Ethernet Alliance.
The formation of the HSSG is a critical step in ensuring that the standards community is ready to meet that demand.
With the support of the industry behind this effort, the HSSG can begin to explore the technical requirements and develop a higher speed solution that is compatible with existing Ethernet technologies and will ensure the continued growth of the Internet and the networked world.