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HSSIHigh Speed Serial Interface
HSSIHomeland Security Solutions, Inc. (Hampton, VA)
HSSIHumanities and Social Sciences Index
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Additionally, study indicates that although graduates from institutions awarded federal grant funding to support Hispanic enrollment (HSSI) perform significantly lower than non-minority schools, those graduates of HSSI institutions do outperform both other minority categories studied.
The ATLAS 550 NxTI HSSI module is a T-I inverse multiplexer that combines multiple T-I circuits into a single logical data stream through a high-speed serial interface (HSSI).
The OSU 300 is a point-to-point, multiport fiber-optic service unit with a built-in HSSI interface and three option slots, which support V.
The IP650 chassis supports five PCI I/O slots for providing high-density 10/100 Ethernet, high-speed ATM or HSSI, T1, and V.