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HSSPHigh Speed Sequential Processing
HSSPHomeland Security Standards Panel (ANSI)
HSSPHealthcare Services Specification Project (service oriented architecture standards development)
HSSPHigh Scoring Segment Pair
HSSPHealth Sector Support Programme
HSSPHigh School Sports Publications
HSSPHealth Sciences Scholars Program (University of Michigan)
HSSPHigh School Summer Program
HSSPHigh Speed Serial to Parallel
HSSPHarima Smart School Project (Japan)
HSSPHomology-Derived Secondary Structure of Protein
HSSPHierarchical Sequence Synthesis Procedure
HSSPHarvard Secondary School Program
HSSPHost System Security Product
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Two examples of products derived by the HSSP effort are represented by the Retrieve, Locate, and Update Services (RLUS) Release 1 (HL7 SFM and OMG STM are, resp., available at [63, 64]) and the Identification and Cross-Reference Service (IXS) Release 1 (HL7 SFM and OMG STM are, resp., available at [65,66]) standards.
The HSSP emerged in 1957, during the Cold War era and a "growing crescendo of criticism" of progressive education (Evans 2010, 2).
Will Yandell, Director at Union Square, said "HSSP are one of more than twenty companies that have taken on Workspace mini in the last year alone.
The Health Services Strengthening Project (HSSP) introduced the self-directed e-learning for midwifery programmes at a ceremony attended by Dr.
High speed signal propagation (HSSP), however, introduces a new set of ICT challenges onto the manufacturing floor.
The HSSP has identified health service delivery as a top priority
These include: The Poverty Eradication Action Plan (PEAP), the Health Policy and the Health Sector Strategic Plan (HSSP), the National Population Policy, the National Gender Policy 1997, the National Adolescent Health Policy and the Decentralisation Policy.
6.18 In addition, the Health Sector Support Project (HSSP) (75) supports the strengthening of basic health services, including reproductive health, and includes an HIV/AIDS component to support epidemiological surveillance and health care practices for limiting the risks of HIV transmission (enhanced blood safety, improved STI treatment and control, and reduction of risks of clinical infection).
The 2003-2006 Health Sector Strategic Plan (HSSP) is the most recent elaboration of Ministry of Health objectives to implement services in the country.
It has assembled a team, called the Homeland Security Standards Panel (HSSP), to catalog existing voluntary standards and identify gaps in coverage.
For each protein, we collected bioinformatic database keywords, the organism's classification (family tree), bioinformatic database references (PROSITE, HSSP, EMBL, PIR--excluding SCOP [structural classification of protein] classifications), predicted secondary structure (Ouali and King 2000), amino acid distribution for singlets and pairs of residues, and so on.