HSSRHydrogeochemical and Stream Sediment Reconnaissance (National Uranium Research Evaluation)
HSSRHigh Speed Sequential Retrieval (database analysis)
HSSRHrvatski Savez Sportske Rekreacije (Croatian: Croatian Sports Recreation Union)
HSSRHealth Services and Sciences Research Resources (database)
HSSRHybrid Slot-Size/Rate
HSSRHeard, Said, Spelled, Read (literacy)
HSSRHeavy SEAL Support Craft
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Thus, those studies that used questionnaires or interviews that permit the classification of attachment style as secure versus insecure (e.g., Hazan & Shaver's self-report questionnaire, HSSR; the Adult Attachment Interview, AAI; Bartholomew and Horowitz's semi-structured interview; the Collins and Read Inventory) indicate that, in general, drug use is linked to insecure attachment, of avoidant (Rosenstein & Horowitz, 1996), fearful (Schindler et al., 2007) or anxious type (Kassel et al.
Examples of commercially available FLASH systems include the MOdular Non-volatile Solid STate Recorder ([MONSSTR.sup.TM]) range from Calculex (Las Cruces, NM) and the High-Speed Solid State Recorder (HSSR) from the Fairchild Defense Division of the Orbital Science Corp.
Fairchild Defense is also producing an advanced avionics data system, the High-Speed Solid-State Recorder (HSSR).