HSSTHigh Speed Surface Transport
HSSTHealth and Social Services Trust (UK)
HSSTHeavy-Section Steel Technology
HSSTHigh School Student
HSSTHigh Speed Steel Track
HSSTHigh School Scheduling and Transcripts
HSSTHigher Secondary School Teachers
HSSTHistorical Sea Surface Temperature
HSSTHuman/Social Services Technology
HSSTHayden Synchronized Skating Teams
HSSTHigh School Subject Test
HSSTHigh Speed Systems and Trains
HSSTHeat and Salt Stress Tolerance
HSSTHygiène, Sécurité et Situation de Travail (French: occupational health and safety)
HSSTHollow Structural Steel Tubing
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Intervention Control Wards Wards Urban North and West Belfast HSST South and East Belfast HSST Wards 1.
HSST Systems International, with a capital of 10 million yen, will be owned 50% by Itochu and 25% each by Nagoya Railroad and its development subsidiary Chubu HSST Development Corp.
Nagoya Railroad's HSST system is slower but simpler and less costly than a superconductive maglev train system under development by the Japan Railway group.
Costs are also greatly reduced because HSST doesn't use expensive superconducting magnets and the passenger cars are less expensive to build;
With a 160 mph upgrade in development, HSST could ultimately be extended to Palmdale and San Diego.
MHI has already had test tracks at the Wadaoki Plant not only for railway systems but also for the APM (automated people mover) system and the HSST (high-speed surface transport) magnetic levitation system.
The dissolution of HSST Development, whose major shareholders are Nagoya Railroad Co.