HSSWSHigh Speed Solar Wind Stream
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We defined the Energy Index (EI) such that E[I.sub.F10.7] = [F.sub.10.7] E[I.sub.CME] = [([A.sub.p]-CME).sup.2] and E[I.sub.HSSWS] = [([A.sub.p]-HSSWS).sup.2], which represent the energy inserted into the atmosphere by solar UV radiation, EPP driven by CMEs, and EPP induced by HSSWS, respectively.
High geomagnetic activity driven by CMEs is associated with more higher-energy particles compared with that induced by HSSWS. Therefore, the impact of the CME-driven geomagnetic activity should exceed the impact of the HSSWS-induced geomagnetic activity.
Caption: Figure 3: The energy index (EI) of [F.sub.10.7] (a), CME (b), and HSSWS (c) versus the polar ozone relative anomalies in the SH.