HSTAMIDSHandheld Standoff Mine Detection System (Army)
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The HSTAMIDS combines metal detection with ground-penetrating radar, reducing the high number of false alarms caused by metal battlefield debris, such as cartridge cases, bomb fragments, and miscellaneous equipment.
HSTAMIDS, ASTAMIDS and GSTAMIDS - a ground-vehicle concept - are a family of stand-off mine detection technologies in development by the Army's Countermine Division, for which Jennings serves as a deputy.
These systems will help bridge the gap for units in Operation Enduring Freedom until better systems, such as the Handheld Standoff Mine-Detection System (HSTAMIDS) are ready for fielding under an accelerated time line.
The new Handheld Standoff Mine-Detection System (HSTAMIDS), which is progressing well, will offer two sensors.
What makes this package different from the standard Sapper FEM will be the inclusion of the Army's newest countermine equipment, such as the Handheld Standoff Mine-Detection System (HSTAMIDS), the follow-on handheld mine-detection system, and other equipment found in the Countermine Capabilities Set (CMCS).
The Countermine Capability Set (CMCS), Ground Standoff Minefield-Detection System (GSTAMIDS), Interim Vehicle-Mounted Mine Detector (IVMMD), Handheld Standoff Mine-Detection System (HSTAMIDS), and numerous other initiatives are big steps toward increasing our survivability and maintaining our mobility in our future operational environments.
In the meantime, we begin final development of the handheld STAMIDS (HSTAMIDS) next year.