HSTFHeat Shock Transcription Factor
HSTFHungarian Science and Technology Foundation (Budapest, Hungary)
HSTFHigh School Theatre Festival (various locations)
HSTFHuman Security Trust Fund
HSTFHexone Storage & Treatment Facility
HSTFHolon Story Tellers Festival (Holon, Israel)
HSTFHuman Services Task Force
HSTFHigh Speed Top Feeder (Alliance Machine Systems International)
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Moreover the maximum stress of HSTF is similar to that of VHSTF.
Figure 10 shows deformation of VSTF, HSTF, and VHSTF-4/5 at the sixth cycle.
From the above results, the strength of VHSTF-4/5 is similar to that of VSTF and HSTF, but deformation of VHSTF-4/5 is smaller than that of VSTF and HSTF.
Current SEL interventions, including those in schools, could learn a great deal from youth organizing groups similar to the HSTF. Although Mira (2013) rightly points out some of the difficulties of facilitating sociopolitical activism in school settings, several existence proofs point to the promise of school-based efforts that support a mix of personal development, community awareness, and civic action (e.g., DeMeulenaere, 2012; Irizarry, 2011).
Consider organizers from HSTF such as Melissa or Oscar.
Although Mira's (2013) purpose in the article was not to ascertain the level of political impact achieved by HSTF, evidence from other studies shows that youth organizing groups do more than provide rich developmental opportunities for youth (itself a major accomplishment)--they also make an impact on policies and institutions, particularly in the education sector (Mediratta, Shah, & McAlister, 2008; Warren & Mapp, 2010).
Based on my analysis, I argue that the HSTF's youth organizing approach, with its dual focus on personal and community development, has an ability to effectively respond to a wide spectrum of youth and provides a solid basis upon which we can build an effective model of youth civic engagement.
Since its inception in 1991, the HSTF has served as a revitalizing force for its neighborhood, which includes over 48,000 predominately low-income Latino residents (Hyde Square Task Force, 2008).
These quotations exemplify the fact that the HSTF gives the YCOs a voice in their communities, acknowledging that "youth hold important knowledge about their social conditions and about social change" and have the right as "disenfranchised members of society to participate in public life and to contribute their knowledge to the public sphere" (Fox et al., 2010, p.