HSWPHistorical Society of Western Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh, PA)
HSWPHungarian Socialist Workers Party
HSWPHorticultural Society of Western Pennsylvania (est. 1988)
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Most of the chemicals from HSWP were accurately identified as terpenes with low boiling points, for example (+)-aromadendrene and 1-[beta]-bisabolene.
As shown in Figures 4 and 5, the DIWE method has a more complex fingerprint than the HSWP method because of its variable chemical composition.
Based on two different sampling methods of GC-MS, namely, DIWE and HSWP, two different total ion chromatograms were obtained.
Heinz Company Sales: Consolidated and by Company," 1, MSS 57, box 2, folder 14, HSWP. Price deflators are from Department of Commerce, Historical Statistics of the United States, vol.
These key stores are deserving of your special attention, and at every opportunity you should plan an outstanding Heinz sale which will not only increase the volume during the period of the sale but will help to make the dealer and the clerks more interested in the Heinz line and his customers better acquainted with the 57 Varieties." 57 Sales Manual (Pittsburgh, Pa., n.d.), 84, MSS 57, HSWP.
They are intended to stimulate interest in interior store displays, which are recognized as the last link in the chain of advertising--the final reminder--necessary to influence the sale." "Superior Store Displays," 1, MSS 57, box 4, folder 10, HSWP. On sales management at the turn of the century, see Walter A.
It begins with a discussion of the removal of Janos Kadar as First Secretary of the HSWP and his replacement by Karoly Grosz.
He points out how the intelligentsia and white-collar strata had begun to disassociate their interests from the HSWP by transferring allegiance to the state or by acquiring private property under the provisions of the last phase of the NEM.