HSXHollywood Stock Exchange
HSXHelically Symmetric Experiment (fusion plasma experiment)
HSXHeadshot Xtreme (gaming)
HSXHorizontal Surface Extensometer
HSXHelicopter, ASW, Future Version
HSXHot Saline Extract
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To investigate the relationship between foreign ownership and accounting conservatism, this study uses Vietnamese firms listed on Hochiminh Stock Exchange (HSX) and Hanoi stock exchange (HNX).
BLAST (http://blast.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/Blast.cgi) analysis showed that ZZF-KW had 100% sequence similarity to the HSX genotype of O.
The group was a single Hsx sunspot on Aug 20 and rotated around the limb on Aug 21.
In the case of HSX, a "MovieStock" is cashed out (which occurs when the movie is "delisted") at H$1 per each $1 million of the movie's domestic box-office gross on the first business day after its first four weekends of wide release or after the first 12 weekends of limited release.
NFM also designs and builds the HSX and HRX Series of single-screw extrusion systems for plastics and rubber and the WE Series of counter-rotating, non-intermeshing, twinscrew extruders, www.nfm.net.
has added the ThermaCAM GasFindlR HSX to its line of infrared cameras.
Hiscox (HSX) shrugged off the effects of turbulent financial markets to post record first-half pre-tax profits, beating forecasts, as its international corporate businesses increased their profits.
Both transponders are compatible with TI's HSX readers, and utilise Half Duplex (HDX) radio communication.
Another popular market is the Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX), which is similar in most respects to the IEM except that its traders use "play money." (19) Participants trade "virtual" shares in actors and movies and attempt to predict box office revenues.
A tool holder and rotary table indexer product catalog features 20 different tool holder products with illustrations, descriptions, specifications, and part numbers for the HPI V Flange and HSK HMC Milling Chucks, HMX Collet Chucks, HSX Collet Chucks, ER Collet Chucks, D3 Dynamic Dual Drive Collet Chucks, HTG Collet Chucks, NDC Integral Drill Chucks, HFD Shell Mill Holders, HPZ Rigid Tap & Collet Chucks, HMA Morse Taper Adapters, HJT Drill Chuck Adapters, HSB Stub Arbors, and a full complement of MC, VX, TG, and ER collets.
and Hammerhead Systems have announced that they are pursuing an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreement for the integration of Hammerhead's HSX 6000 platform into the Fujitsu FLASHWAVE portfolio as the FLASHWAVE 6400 Layer 2.5 aggregation switch.
Although the lack of financial support for the school in the local African American community is an ongoing frustration for school administrators, Prendergast maintains that her study of HSX can provide some particularized insights for teachers and researchers and some "lessons" for a realistic approach to the ongoing racism of the American education system.