HT1Hyper-Transport 1 (electrical interface)
HT1Hull Maintenance Technician First Class (Naval Rating)
HT1Heat Tramsfer 1 (engineering course)
HT1Hereditary Tyrosinemia 1 (genetic disorder)
HT1Hypertropia at Near (ophthalmology; opposite of hypotropia)
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Moreover, levels of p21 in cell line HT1 are higher than that of the normal myometrium.
Contract Awarded for Replace the existing ageing fleet of 34 AS350 B3 Squirrel HT1 trainers
The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) is seeking a new contractor to operate its helicopter training organisation to replace the existing ageing fleet of 34 AS350 B3 Squirrel HT1 trainers from Airbus Helicopters.
Investigators are examining reports the HT1 Squirrel aircraft hit power lines.
The HT1 Squirrel training helicopter was from 670 Army Air Corps Squadron, based at Middle Wallop in Hampshire.
HT1 (SW) Christopher Regal was aft of the mess decks in a passageway when the blast hit.
The slow-growing HT1 cell line and the rapidly growing ST1 cell line were monitored for type I collagen expression utilizing Western blots.
In another, the prince manoeuvres a Squirrel HT1 helicopter above the snow-covered rocky ground of Snowdonia, in North Wales.
Both HT1 Squirrel training choppers are believed to have carried a novice pilot and an instructor.
Our laboratory has established two primary tumor cell lines designated ST1 (established from an actively growing leiomyoma in vivo) and HT1 (established from a growth-arrested leiomyoma).
1021M-UR+, HT1, 16GB (4GB 2Rx4 PC2-6400 ECC CL6) memory, 500GB SATA II HDD, 650W Coldwatt CWA2-0650-10-SM01 power supply, Microsoft[R] Windows Server[R] 2008 Enterprise Edition SP1 64-bit and AMD Opteron[TM] processor Model 2425 HE: Supermicro Inc.
ZT Systems 1224R Datacenter Server, HT1, 16GB (4x4GB DDR2-800) memory, 80GB SATAII SSD, 400W Sparkle Power Int'l LTD SPI4001UG power supply, Microsoft Windows[R] Server 2008 Enterprise SP1 64-bit.