HT1Hyper-Transport 1 (electrical interface)
HT1Hull Maintenance Technician First Class (Naval Rating)
HT1Heat Tramsfer 1 (engineering course)
HT1Hereditary Tyrosinemia 1 (genetic disorder)
HT1Hypertropia at Near (ophthalmology; opposite of hypotropia)
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2] and T-HAP (HT0, HT1, HT2, HT4, HT8, HT16, HT24 and HT48) nanopowders are shown in Figure 3, together with the difference between both profiles.
When pulling out for a family day cruise, the tug smashed the line-up lights for helicopter landings and the aft safety nets," said HT1 Jacob Fehr, the LPO of repair division.
And Petro-Canada PURITY FG Heat Transfer Fluid--rebranded from the CALFLO FG brand to better reflect its food grade attributes is particularly relevant now due to the creation of the HT1 category by NSF International.
US Navy (Feb 11, 1953-Oct 18, 1973)--Seeking anyone who knew my late husband, Jack Howard Small, HT1, anytime during above period, who was aware of any heart or diabetic problems he may have had, to assist me in substantiating VA survivor benefit claim--Mrs.
Moreover, levels of p21 in cell line HT1 are higher than that of the normal myometrium.
Of which, haplotype HT1 was the most ancestral with the highest frequency, and the remaining five haplotype were thought to arise on the background of HT1 by mutation or gene conversion after domestication.
Investigators are examining reports the HT1 Squirrel aircraft hit power lines.
The HT1 Squirrel training helicopter was from 670 Army Air Corps Squadron, based at Middle Wallop in Hampshire.
HT1 (SW) Christopher Regal was aft of the mess decks in a passageway when the blast hit.
The slow-growing HT1 cell line and the rapidly growing ST1 cell line were monitored for type I collagen expression utilizing Western blots.
Hygienic air renewal (Vmc) in local oil, HT1, and control Ht2
In another, the prince manoeuvres a Squirrel HT1 helicopter above the snow-covered rocky ground of Snowdonia, in North Wales.