HT2Heat Transfer 2 (engineering course)
HT2Hull Maintenance Technician Second Class (Naval Rating)
HT2Hippocampal T2 Relaxometry
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The compressive strength values of Roman period bricks (HT2, HT3, HT4, HT5, and HT6) fulfill the minimum compressive strength value under TS EN 771-1 [29] given for medium strength clay brick.
URS subrectangular and narrow, 0.16-0.18 mm, 1.2-1.4 times AntI, 1.4-2.3 times AntVIb, 1.2-1.3 times Ht2, 2.4-3.1 times its basal width; thinner than former segment; with 6-10 accessory setae, 30-35 [micro]m, 1.0-1.1 times D.
Every day we failed to notice the little things that HT2 McNelley and CS2 Newlove made happen around here.
The major genes are mostly expressed as chlorotic lesions with reduced sporulation (Ht1, Ht2, Ht3) or as small chlorotic streaks and extended incubation period (Htn1).
Crude protein (N x 6.25) was determined by micro kjeldahl apparatus; moisture by 12 h oven-drying at 105AdegC; crude fat using Soxtec HT2 1045 system through petroleum ether extraction method and gross energy by oxygen bomb calorimeter.
(2) The frequency of ht1 (allele C of c.3316C >G [R1106G] and allele A of c.2442T> C) was 0.403, ht2 (allele C of c.3316C>G [R1106G] and allele G of c.2442T> C) was 0.044 and ht3 (allele G of c.3316C>G [R1106G] and allele A of c.2442T>C) was 0.015 and ht4 (allele G of c.3316C>G [R1106G] and allele G of c.2442T> C) was 0.538.
Number- and weight-average molecular weights (Mn, Mw) and molecular weight distributions (polydispersity index [PDI] = Mw/Mn) were determined by gel permeation chromatography (GPC), using a series of linear Styragel columns (HT2 and HT4) and a Waters 410 HPLC pump, with an Waters 2414 RI Detector.
Two pyramided lines carrying Ht1, Ht2 and head smut resistance QTL, three lines carrying Ht1 and head smut resistance QTL were found.
The samples of feed ingredients, test diets and feces were homogenized using a motor and pestle and analyzed by standard methods (AOAC, 1995): moisture was determined by oven-drying at 105oC for 12 h; crude protein (N x 6.25) by micro kjeldahl apparatus; crude fat, by petroleum ether extraction (Bligh and Dyer, 1995) using a Soxtec HT2 1045 system; crude fiber, as loss on ignition of dried lipid- free residues after digestion with 1.25% H2SO4 and 1.25% NaOH, ash by ignition at 650oC for 12 h in electric furnace (Eyela-TMF 3100) to constant weight.
La ciproheptadina, un antihistaminico del grupo de los H1 con propiedades antagonistas 5 HT2, y utilizado en nuestro medio para los estados alergicos, ha mostrado ser util para las pesadillas asociadas al estres postraumatico, en algunos estudios abiertos (66-72); sin embargo, en el unico estudio randomizado doble ciego controlado con placebo realizado hasta el momento con este farmaco, en 69 veteranos de Vietnam con diagnostico de TEPT y pesadillas de moderadas a severas, de acuerdo con el Inventario de Calidad de Sueno de Pittsburg (PSQI), no mostro modificacion alguna de las pesadillas (73).
Abbreviations used in the text and figure captions are as follows: AntI, AntII, AntIII, AntIV AntV AntVIb, AntVIpt are antennal segments I to V plus base and processus terminalis of antennal segment VI, respectively; D is the basal diameter of AntIII; Urs is the ultimate rostral segment; Ht2 is the second segment of hind tarsus; AbdI to AbdVIII are abdominal segments I to VIII.