HT2Heat Transfer 2 (engineering course)
HT2Hull Maintenance Technician Second Class (Naval Rating)
HT2Hippocampal T2 Relaxometry
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Every day we failed to notice the little things that HT2 McNelley and CS2 Newlove made happen around here.
HT2 Carl Harris inspects the remaining high explosive material from a disrupted improvised explosive device during a training exercise in Bahrain.
The formulation, Caps HT2 was found to scavenge superoxide and hydroxyl radicals; the I[C.
The hypolipidaemic effect of Caps HT2 was significant (p < 0.
The acute (10,000 mg/kg) and sub acute toxicity (500 mg/kg, 1 month) studies conducted in rats in our laboratory, revealed that this formulation Caps HT2 has no toxic effects on heart, liver and kidney functioning as determined by estimations on serum biochemical parameters.
Here we have tried to investigate the antiatherogenic effect of a herbal Ayurvedic formulation, Caps HT2, containing the extracts of selected plants, Commiphora mukul (Engl), Allium sativum (Linn), Plumbago indica (Linn), Semecarpus anacardium (Linn), Hemidesmus indicus (Linn), Terminalia arjuna (Bedd), Tinospora cordifolia (Wild), Withania somnifera (Dunn) and Ocimum sanctum (Linn).
Preparation of the herbal formulation, Caps HT2 All the plants used in the study were collected locally, identified and authenticated by Dr.
Here, HT2 Amanda Green of Shore Intermediate Maintenance Activity Norfolk, follows an off-road path through a heavily forested area near Fayetteville, W.
Ekstrapiramidal yan etkisi cok az olan, 5 HT2 reseptorlerine dopamin reseptorlerine oldugundan daha ozgul olarak etki eden atipik antipsikotikler su andaki etkili tedavi secenekleridir.
HT2 John Greene uses a pneumatic grinder to cut a steel support bar from one of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 1's cranes while deployed to Guam.
Risperidone, a D2 and 5 HT2 receptor antagonist, has a high affinity to 5 HT2 receptors in low doses, but interaction with dopamine receptors occurs only at very high concentrations (14).
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