HT3Heat Transfer 3 (engineering course)
HT3Hull Maintenance Technician Third Class (Naval Rating)
HT3Homeotically Transformed T3 (Third Thoracic Segment; insect evolution)
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How long has HT3 been doing tournaments in Florida?
Are all HT3 redfish tournaments in Florida "One Angler/One Boat?
The HT3 is finished in brilliant silver and for the first time both the centre and rim badges are in black, rather than the traditional Mille Miglia red.
The Conti EcoPlus HT3 is the vanguard of a completely new truck tire family which Continental will launch in 2014.
This earns the Conti EcoPlus HT3 the highest EU label rating A for fuel efficiency.
The pyramid-shaped triangular bars in the base of the tread grooves stabilize the new Conti EcoPlus HT3 against flexing in the tread.
3GHz) ("Shanghai") in Supermicro AS-1021M-UR+B server, HT3, 16GB (4x4GB DDR2-800) memory, 500GB SATA disk drive, Coldwatt CWA2-0650-10-SM01 power supply, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise SP1 64-bit
Sharp, a worldwide leader in flat-panel Liquid Crystal Televisions (LCD TVs), is expanding its line of high-definition (HD) AQUOS([R]) LCD TVs with the new HT3 models, in 32-, 37- and 42-inch screen sizes.
With a superior picture and stellar performance, this new HT3 HDTV series is meant to provide the ultimate in-room entertainment experience for hotel guests," said Sean McBride, product marketing manager, Display, Sharp Electronics Corporation.
Sharp created the HT3 AQUOS models specifically for enhanced hotel room entertainment.