HTACHelp the Afghan Children (Fairfax, VA)
HTACHigh Temperature Air Combustion
HTACHealth Technology Advisory Committee
HTACHealthtrac, Inc (stock symbol)
HTACHoly Trinity Anglican Church
HTACHard Target Attack Capability
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En la HTAC severa, la meta es mantener la perfusion sanguinea al feto y placenta y que la PD se mantenga en el rango de 90 a 100 mmHg.
El tratamiento de las mujeres con HTAC leve no es de beneficio, porque no mejora el resultado perinatal.
Como grado de evidencia C, queda establecido que las mujeres con HTAC deberian ser evaluadas por etiologias potencialmente reversibles, mejor antes de gestar, determinandose enfermedades de organo terminal, como cardiomegalia, insuficiencia renal y retinopatia.
According to AIF, its 40 percent stake in HTAC was valued at A$305 million ($301 million) at the end of June.
If Hastings managed to sell its stake in HTAC at a good price, Hochtief could argue that its airport stakes have more value than the market accounts for, boosting its share price and helping it fend off ACS.
A 50 percent stake in HTAC provides only minority participations in them.
Sources said Hastings was prepared not to sell and could possibly add HTAC to a new infrastructure fund it was preparing.
The present work deals with the further experimental study based on a device used to roast molten steel container involving HTAC technology to research into the heat transfer feature of honeycomb heat regenerator.