HTAPHemispheric Transport of Air Pollution
HTAPHydrogen Technical Advisory Panel
HTAPHigh-Temperature Adult Plant (plant pathology)
HTAPHuman Trafficking Awareness Partnerships, Inc. (Sanibel, FL)
HTAPHealthcare Technical Assistance Program (Purdue University; Indiana)
hTAPHuman TRH (Thyrotropin-Releasing Hormon)-Associated Peptide
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See Ohi, "Enhancing Strategic Management," 11, for HTAP recommendations for future investment.
5 Other US Governmental Biometric Programmes: UES, TWIC and HTAP
HTAP pursues corporate acquisitions and real estate developments in Latin America, currently including Grupo Pilar S.
HTAP singled out the work of this team for the significant advances of this project toward the development of high cycle-life energy storage systems for various applications including zero emission vehicles, pushing the envelope for lightweight compressed hydrogen storage tanks, and developing products for commercial use.
HTAP is the Congressionally mandated advisory panel to the Secretary of Energy for the development of commercial uses of hydrogen as a principal source of clean energy.