HTAPHemispheric Transport of Air Pollution
HTAPHydrogen Technical Advisory Panel
HTAPHigh-Temperature Adult Plant (plant pathology)
HTAPHuman Trafficking Awareness Partnerships, Inc. (Sanibel, FL)
HTAPHealthcare Technical Assistance Program (Purdue University; Indiana)
hTAPHuman TRH (Thyrotropin-Releasing Hormon)-Associated Peptide
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A key characteristic of an HTAP system is that it combines a System of Record (OLTP) with the ability to do OLAP queries against the current data.
DB2 customers have, for many years, been able to achieve a level of HTAP capability on an individual system with a variety of techniques, including partitioning the database (Data Partitioning Facility), Materialized Query Tables (MQT), Readonly tables on HADR (High-Availability Data Replication), and other optimization strategies.
See Ohi, "Enhancing Strategic Management," 11, for HTAP recommendations for future investment.
IBM DB2 12 for z/OS extends the benefits of HTAP with advanced in-memory capabilities to deliver improvements in real-time analytic processing by up to 100 times over DB2 11 for z/OS.
Customers can now extend their existing investments to capitalize on the capabilities that HTAP provides.
Gartner refers to this as HTAP or hybrid transaction/analytical processing.
Thanks to innovations in in-memory computing coupled with distributed system architectures, the antiquated OLTP to OLAP approach to data management is being turned on its head by what Gartner has coined Hybrid Transactional/ Analytical Processing, or HTAP for short.
The major market forces spurring the transition from OLTP/OLAP to HTAP include the following:
Gene number and heritability of wheat cultivars with durable, high temperature, adult-plant (HTAP) resistance and interaction of HTAP and race-specific, seedling resistance to Puccinia striiformis.
HTAP pursues corporate acquisitions and real estate developments in Latin America, currently including Grupo Pilar S.