hTCSHuman Telomerase Catalytic Subunit (gene)
hTCSHuman Tumor Cloning System
hTCSHospital Travel Cost Scheme (UK)
hTCSHandbook of Theoretical Computer Science
hTCSSenior Chief Hull Maintenance Technician (Naval Rating)
hTCSHigh Threshold Corneal Specific (corneal units; ophthalmology)
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EE, the UKs number one mobile network and part of BT Group, announced it is working with HTC to bring the new HTC 5G Mobile Smart Hub to UK consumers this year.
Therefore, the determination of heat transfer coefficients (HTC) is very important.
Basin TDs TSs HTCs North Atlantic 18 17 10 Eastern North Pacific 20 18 9 Western North Pacific 35 26 12 North Indian 4 4 2 South Indian 5 5 2 Australian Region 8 8 3 Southwest Pacific 7 7 3 Totals 98 85 41 Basin Major SS ACE HTCs Cat 5 (x [10.sup.4] [kt.sup.2]) North Atlantic 6 2 225 Eastern North Pacific 4 0 97 Western North Pacific 4 1 150 North Indian 1 0 15 South Indian 1 0 28 Australian Region 3 0 30 Southwest Pacific 1 0 35 Totals 20 3 580 Fig.
She added that the city is privileged as there are two HTCs in the city one in Brokenshire and the other is at Southern Philippines Medical Center.
In particular, the convective HTCs and the gas temperature, calculated with the engine model are directly imposed to the thermal model as boundary conditions.
(1993) were used to predict HTCs for R32 and R452B, which were subsequently compared to R410A.
Out of 5 regional public hospitals and 22 private health institutions performing blood transfusion, only 1 (3.7%) has a hospital transfusion committee (HTC).
Different from incorporating the fitting curves for correlating HTCs at the wall surface in STEAM [8], here, we present a multi-linear interpolation method on measurement database of HTCs obtained from [9].
The Polual HTCS for coating GEA Hitec Economizer, applied on light-metal finned tubes was tested under conditions of various acid concentrations and compositions.
The A/DACG was responsible for receiving and tracking all personnel who deployed ISO of the 5,000+ person MAGTF that participated in LSE-1 from 110 HTCs nationwide.
In Boston, Winn utilized $3 million in HTCs to complete the historic rehabilitation of the old Pickle-Ditson factory, a vacant, underutilized mill in the Mission Hill neighborhood, into the new Oliver Lofts, creating 43 units of affordable housing and 19 units of market-rate housing while also achieving a first-in-Boston LEED Platinum Certification.
It would cut into the market share of many a Samsungs and HTCs and also force manufacturers to offer more value addition at the same price point.