HTDIHarmonic Tissue Doppler Imaging
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The senior design, sales and management teams at HTDI have 32+ years audio/video experience, making them one of only a handful of companies with that level of experience.
In total, it is estimated that by using e-Ordering for the past three years, the five medical groups have helped save Minnesota $84 million, as there has not been an increase in the use of HTDI scans in Minnesota since 2007.
As part of this ICSI-led initiative, Nuance is helping Minnesota medical groups order HTDI exams in the way Minnesota insurers reimburse them, which will reduce administrative costs.
Put in place by several Minnesota health plans in 2007, prior notification helps ensure that appropriate HTDI exams are ordered.
The ICSI pilot showed that using decision-support appropriateness criteria-based on American College of Radiology (ACR) and other specialty organizations' data-improved the diagnostic value of exams ordered, reduced patient exposure to unnecessary radiation, and contributed to a 0 percent increase in HTDI exams ordered in 2007 following an 8 percent increase in Minnesota in 2006.