HTDSHanford Thyroid Disease Study
HTDSHolo Transference Dementia Syndrome (Star Trek Voyager)
HTDSHost Terminal Database Server
HTDSHigh Total Dissolved Solid (environment)
HTDSHorizontal Tactical Display System
HTDSHydrofoil Tactical Data System
HTDSHDLC (High-Level Data Link Control) Transparent Data Service (telecommunications)
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For homogeneous residual variances, the original HTD factor was fitted as a contemporary group.
where [y.sub.ijkim] is the test-day record m of cow l made on day k within HTD effect i, belonging to year-season of calving class j; [HTD.sub.i] is the ith HTD effect; [YS.sub.j] is the jth year-season of calving; [[phi].sub.klm] is the LP for the test day record of cow l made on day k; [[beta].sub.k] is the coefficient of fixed regression; [u.sub.kl] is the coefficient for random regression of the additive genetic effect of the lth cow; [pe.sub.kl] is the coefficient for random regression of the permanent environment effect of the lth cow; [e.sub.ijklm] is the random residual effect; and n is the number of fitted coefficients of LP.
In addition, Keith Baverstock, a prominent Chernobyl researcher with the WHO European Center for Environment and Health in Bonn, Germany, noted in a comment posted at the HTDS website ( hanford/htdsweb/index.htm) that the results could indicate an excess of thyroid cancer cases, and that "there are certainly more cases detected than would be expected on the basis of the national rates for invasive thyroid cancer." Follow-up research on the Hanford and Chernobyl victims is ongoing.