HTENHackney Training and Employment Network (London, UK)
HTENHistory Teacher Education Network (UK)
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Quantity or scope: For the purposes of Article 4 of the no2015-899 Order of 23 July 2015 and Articles 78 to 80 of no2016-360 Decree of 25 March 2016, the market will form a past master agreement with a single operator and will be realized by purchase orders without reopening competition without supplements to tender in the award of such orders and this in the following proportions: annual Maximum: 90.000 Euros HTEN application of Article 12 of Decree no2016-360 March 25, 2016, the market is not alloti by the Power Adjudicateur.Ce choice is motivated by the fact that devolution in separate lots may make it technically difficult and financially costly performance of the services.
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Quantity or scope: The minimum and maximum amounts annual market orders are determined as follows: On the Lot 1: minimum set at 1000 euro HT and maximum set at 20 000 euro HTConcernant Lot 2: minimum set at 1 000 euro HT and maximum set at 20 000 euro HTConcernant lot # 3: minimum fixed at 1 000 euro HT and maximum set at 20 000 euro HTEN provisions of Article 30-I-7 of the Decree on government procurement the contracting authority reserves the right to pass a framework agreement negotiated with the owner for similar services, without advertising and without competition.
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Thus Montesquieu opposes the idea of enlig htened despotism on the grounds that when reason is left alone to check individual actions (as it was for Voltaire's enlightened despot) the overwhelming tendency is for enlightenment to lose out to despotism, as the enlightened Usbek in Persian Letters illustrates (see Shklar, Montesquieu, p.33).
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