HTFHyper-G Text Format
HTFHelium Test Facility
HTFHeadline Task Force
HTFHorizontal Test Facility
HTFHarmonic Tight Frame
HTFHeterogenic Thought Fiction (band)
HTFHalf The Fight (punk rock band)
HTFHow the Freak (polite form)
HTFHappy Tree Friends
HTFHoefler Type Foundry (New York typography foundry)
HTFHow To Fight
HTFHeat Transfer Fluid
HTFHard To Find
HTFHard To Follow
HTFHiawatha Temporary Facility (Michigan Department of Corrections)
HTFHardlines Technology Forum (American Hardware Manufacturers Association)
HTFHanford Tank Farm
HTFHit the Floor (band)
HTFHypersonic Tunnel Facility (US NASA)
HTFHighway Trust Fund
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Calls to increase the HTF have gone out for many years, but Congress continues to punt with short-term extensions to keep things in place at current levels.
2 billion from the general fund into the HTF in FY 2013, which the March 2013 sequester cut to $5.
NYC HTF subsidies will provide up to $50,000 per unit for all units that serve households earning up to 80% of the HUD Income Limits.
HTF believes that the staff of the three airlines are 'underpaid' in comparison with other comparable airlines while the employers disagree, which resulted in a decision to appoint a workgroup that will investigate the situation.
Complicating matters for HTF funding is a significant increase in corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards from the current 29 miles per gallon (MPG) to 54.
For those in Congress who don't think raising the federal gasoline tax is needed, consider this data from the Department of Transportation's (DOT) Highway Trust Fund Ticker: Based on current spending and revenue trends, DOT estimates that the Highway Account of the HTF will encounter a shortfall before the end of fiscal year 2015, with the Highway Account having kicked off fiscal year 2015 with about $9.
In addition to projected funding and policy challenges, the 10-page CBO report details highway and mass transit funding formulas, plus tables and charts tracking HTF current and future financials.
There also is an immense gap between projected future HTF revenue and looming highway and mass transit investment needs that we should begin tackling in the next surface transportation authorization bill.
A $7,235,738 loan from CPC, HPD and HTF will allow for the moderate renovation of a six-story elevator art deco structure, containing 42 rental units in Bedford Park.
The procedures we agreed to perform were related to (1) transactions that represent the underlying basis of amounts distributed to the HTF, (2) the Internal Revenue Service's (IRS) quarterly HTF receipt certifications, (3) the Department of the Treasury's Financial Management Service adjustments to the HTF during fiscal year 2007, (4) the Department of the Treasury's Office of Tax Analysis's (OTA) process for estimating excise tax amounts to be distributed to the HTF for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2007, and other procedures related to (5) adjustments to the HTF for tax on kerosene used in aviation, (6) the net amount of fiscal year 2007 excise taxes distributed to the HTF, and (7) transactions that represent total IRS tax revenue receipts and refunds.
NCGA noted that Pioneer Hi-Bred would provide the association a royalty-free license to the company's HTF calibration and related data, which would include rights to sublicense and use the data in future calibrations.