HTFSHigh Throughput File System
HTFSHigh Torque Fastener Systems (manufacturing)
HTFSHigh-Throughput Functional Screening
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These new generation applications are built on AspenTech's strong heritage in heat exchanger design and simulation, including the exceptional knowledge generated by the Aspen HTFS Research Network(TM)," said Blair Wheeler, Senior Vice President, AspenTech.
Extended vibration analysis including HTFS and TEMA methods.
AspenTech, aspenONE, Aspen HTFS, Aspen B-JAC, Aspen Tasc+, Aspen Acol+, Aspen Plus, Aspen HYSYS, Aspen HTFS Research Network, Aspen Teams, Aspen Hetran, Aspen TASC, Aspen Properties, Aspen COMThermo, Aspen ACOL, Aspen Aerotran and the aspen leaf logo are trademarks of Aspen Technology, Inc.
AEA Technology Engineering Software includes Hyprotech, EA Systems, CFX, HTFS, SPS and nCode, and is a division of AEA Technology plc, a major international science and engineering company.
AspenTech, Aspen Engineering Suite, Aspen Zyqad, Aspen Plus(R), HYSYS(R), Aspen Customer Modeler(R), HTFS TASC(TM), Aspen Teams(R) and the aspen leaf logo are trademarks of Aspen Technology, Inc.
The HYSYS and HTFS product families are part of the Aspen Engineering Suite(TM), which is an essential element of AspenTech's solutions for Enterprise Operations Management in the process industries.
AspenTech, Aspen Engineering Suite, HYSYS, HTFS and the aspen leaf logo are trademarks of Aspen Technology, Inc.
Fully integrating the internationally-respected thermal design technology of HTFS TASC with tested and proven HTFS MECHX, TASC5 enables the engineer to rapidly optimize exchanger geometry for both thermal performance and mechanical design constraints during a single session, without the need to re-key data.
Tom Ralston, Hyprotech's HTFS business manager, stated, "Release of TASC5 is a major milestone in the achievement of our vision to provide our customers with an integrated working environment throughout the design process and onward to the optimization of plant performance.
Thermal calculations are extended to include reflux condensers and significantly improved methods for shellside or tubeside sub-cooling, in addition to improved HTFS methods for falling-film evaporators.
0 provides a comprehensive front-end process design environment, with integrated links to HYSYS(TM) and AspenPlus(TM) process simulators, cost estimating applications, and heat exchanger design packages, such as HTFS.