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HTGRHigh Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor
HTGRHigh-Temperature Gas Reactor (nuclear power)
HTGRHit the Ground Running (various organizations)
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In the dehumidification process of HTGR, the major moisture transfer mechanism in carbon materials includes molecular diffusion and seepage.
HTGR is an advanced nuclear reactor featuring several new safety measures.
As implied above, some Chinese analysts believe that the HTGR promises to give PLAN submarines unprecedented maximum speed.
The very-high-temperature reactor, an evolution from the HTGR family of reactors, would operate at higher temperatures than other HTGRs and would provide process heat that could be used in hydrogen production and desalinization.
Hishida, "Study on the passive safe technology for the prevention of air ingress during the primary-pipe rupture accident of HTGR," Nuclear Engineering and Design, vol.
The spherical fuel element (SFE) is the key component in the Chinese high-temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR) project.
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