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First, a new four-dimensional fully coupled nonlinear mathematical model of HTGS was presented and the parameters were from a practical power station, which made the work more consistent with actual project compared with [10, 30] work.
HTGS consists of five parts, that is, conduit system, hydroturbine, governor, electrohydraulic servo system, and power generator.
Equations (14) to (17) are the simplified second-order nonlinear generator model based on the turbine model of rigid water hammer, which has been widely applied in nonlinear controller design and stability analysis of HTGS. It is often used for the stability characteristics and dynamic quality analysis of HTGS from the perspective of power system.
Equation (21) is the four-dimensional water-electromechanical coupled model of HTGS that integrates the turbine model of rigid water hammer, the water pipes linear model, and the nonlinear dynamic generator model.
Equations (21) and (22) can be numerically solved to investigate the nonlinear behaviors of HTGS such as Hopf bifurcation points, bifurcation surface of PID adjustment coefficients, time domain response waveforms of state variables, and Lyapunov exponent with MATLAB by using a variable-step continuous solver based on the four-order Runge-Kutta formula.
It is observed that they have the characteristic of being globally bounded, but being local unstable, which would do great harm to the HTGS in operation, further reveals that the system would lose stability finally.
Business and education partners are essential to an initiative such as HTGS, says Hendricks.
The university's Institute of Technology Student Board set up an interactive Web site where the university students are able to answer questions and mentor the HTGS students.
In March, which is Women in History Month, Minneapolis Community and Technical College hosted an event where the girls gave presentations about their activities in the HTGS program.
According to HTGS, ongoing activities and mentoring experiences that support nontraditional careers for women have resulted in a 300 percent growth for HTGS.
That success was recognized this year when HTGS received an honorable mention from 2006 Programs and Practices that Work: Preparing Students for Nontraditional Careers.
The success of HTGS is largely based on a simple truth, which is, says Hendricks, "Women listen to other women."