HTHPHigh Temperature High Pressure
HTHPHuman Total Hip Prosthesis
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The Helping the Helper Program (HTHP) was based on an FAP online training protocol developed by Dr.
Caption: Figure 4: RTR-1500 HTHP triaxial rock testing system.
The [FL.sub.API] of cement slurry was measured by TG-71 HTHP Water Loss Meter at the temperature of 90[degrees]C and pressure of 6.9 MPa.
Indeed, the High Tower High Power (HTHP) model used by broadcast players enables to have a wide coverage at low cost and could be especially interesting to broadcast content/applications/updates over 5G network.
Current imaging tunneling spectroscopy (CITS) [8] was used to compare the structures and electrical properties of the doped diamond films on Si and HTHP diamond substrates.
West Prospero, which is currently idle in Indonesia, will be upgraded with high pressure, high temperature (HTHP) capabilities prior to moving to Sudan on a heavy lift vessel.
Two hydrothermal routes for the synthesis of TE [Bi.sub.2][Te.sub.3] nanotubes, a higher temperature high pressure (HTHP) route in a sealed autoclave at 150 [degrees]C or above and a lower temperature normal pressure (LTNP) route in a beaker at 60 ~80[degrees]C were used therein (21).
To meet the needs of any application, HTHP is available in a variety of forms: pre-cast shapes, pour-in-place liquid, and in unique "pack-in-place" kits.
The loop powered Eclipse Guided Wave radar serves applications such as HTHP (-150[degrees]C up to +400[degrees]C / full vacuum to 345 bar), interSace, saturated steam and viscosity up to 10.00 cP.
Their current research includes the design and operation of a first prototype high temperature-high pressure (HTHP) flow loop reactor by the Albany Research Center (Fig.
Zhao et al., "Experimental investigation on thermal cracking, permeability under HTHP and application for geothermal mining of HDR," Energy, vol.