HTHWHigh Temperature Hot Water
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The project includes removal and replacement of one 40 MMBTUH high temperature water generator, replacement all the HTHW generator circulation and distribution pumps, removal and replacement HTHW piping and valves, new HTHW generator controls, new make-up air systems and other ancillary systems The project also include the renovation of the offices, control room and the toilet facilities within the building and minor repairs to the building faade, plus the replacement of the buildings electrical distribution system.
The contract also includes the operation and maintenance of HTHW, MTHW and LTHW boiler systems and plant.
Tenders are invited for HTHW replacement piping between central heat plant and plant and scrugh man engineering/mines.
The work of this single-bid project will install new satellite boilers within two buildings to remove them from the central HTHW system.
The work involves the installation of new HTHW piping and associated connections between existing vaults adjacent to Niejadlik Hall heading to Mead Hall and with a piping run into the mechanical room in the basement of Occum Hall.