HTISHazardous Technical Information Services
HTISHoly Trinity Interparochial School (Westfield, NJ)
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In order to sustain expansion of pulp industry in 2017, HTIs need to have a production of 50 million cubic meters of timber and for that 10 million hectares of HTIs are needed.
The Commission's clearance is nevertheless conditional upon the divestiture of Veolia's current high temperature incinerator (HTI) facility at Fawley, which will ensure that the merged company will continue to have at least one commercially viable competitor on the market for the thermal treatment/incineration of hazardous industrial and commercial waste by HTI.
The HTIS provides Defense Department personnel with answers to questions regarding safety, storage, handling logistics, disposal and transportation.
It has an enormous amount of opportunity for htis consumer."
It was only earlier htis month that the World-Herald putting news online, making it one of the last big newspapers in the country to do so.
What's different, however, is that htis college campus is part of the work place -- created, organized and underwritten by the students' employer.
Consumers are responsible for htis trend toward quality gourmet coffee in foodservice.
Only when he told me his name was Arnoldo, did I realize that htis humble man, taking his turn at guard duty, was a member of the Chiefs of Staff, in charge of health and logistics.
The impact of htis base moving totally or partially off the network can be either beneficial (if there is replacement traffic) or disastrous (excess or underused capacity).