HTLAHilary Taylor Landscape Associates (UK)
HTLAHigh Tech Los Angeles (school; Lake Balboa, CA)
HTLAHeat-Treatable Low Alloy
HTLAHigh Titre, Low Avidity (antibodies)
HTLAHuman Thymus Leukemia Antigen
HTLAHuman Thymic Lymphocyte Antigen
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Montant minimum annual (3) 000) HTMontant annual maximum of (EUR 15 000 HTLA community is undertaken based minimum.
Quantity or scope: The minimum necessarily ordered and the maximum amount that can be controlled by the public person on the execution of the contract are defined as follows: Minimum amount for 24 months: (12 000 euro s) HT / maximum amount for 24 months: 48 000euro (s) HTLA public person is engaged on the minimum and holds up to the maximum amount.
Quantity or scope: It is divided into 2 lots: Lot 1: Vsubie Valley: -Amount annual minimum: 20 000EUR annual maximum HT-Price: 43 000EUR HTLot 2: Tine Valley: -Amount annual minimum: 30 000EUR HT-annual maximum amount: 61 000EUR HTLA duration of the framework agreement runs from the notification of the framework agreement (art.
01: between 16,000 euro (s) HT and 48,000 euro (s) HTLot 2: between 4000 euro (s) HT and 12 (000 euro s) HTLA duration of the contract is attached to a () 1 year from date of notification.
Conformement in Article 77 of the Code of public procurement, consultation will result in a purchase order to the market whose benefits are likely to vary in the way Next: Minimum HT over the term of maximum market HTMontant 0 euro HT on length of 50,000 euro market HTLA term market is 4 years from the notification of the contract and is not reconductible.
Le operator total control is defined as follows: - maximum threshold firm phase: 33 400,00 EUR HT) (s maximum threshold conditional phase: 8 300,00 Euro (s) HTLA TF has 2 shares and 1 share TC.