HTLAHilary Taylor Landscape Associates (UK)
HTLAHigh Tech Los Angeles (school; Lake Balboa, CA)
HTLAHeat-Treatable Low Alloy
HTLAHigh Titre, Low Avidity (antibodies)
HTLAHuman Thymus Leukemia Antigen
HTLAHuman Thymic Lymphocyte Antigen
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The National Agreement on Raising Standards and Tackling Workload (DfES 2003) provided that from 2005 primary teachers were to receive 10 per cent release time for preparation, planning and pupil assessment and that during this time, their classrooms would be managed by HTLA.
Le operator total control is defined as follows: - maximum threshold firm phase: 33 400,00 EUR HT) (s maximum threshold conditional phase: 8 300,00 Euro (s) HTLA TF has 2 shares and 1 share TC.
the services involved in this market are likely vary within the following limits: Minimum amount for the term of the contract: EUR 20 000 maximum HTMontant for the duration of the contract: 60 000 euro HTLA average annual consumption on the previous market was from14 000 .