HTLAHuman Thymic Lymphocyte Antigen
HTLAHilary Taylor Landscape Associates (UK)
HTLAHigh Tech Los Angeles (school; Lake Balboa, CA)
HTLAHeat-Treatable Low Alloy
HTLAHigh Titre, Low Avidity (antibodies)
HTLAHuman Thymus Leukemia Antigen
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Quantity or scope: The Framework Agreement is to purchase orders with a minimum and a minimum amount in EUR Annual maximum.Montant HT: 1 000 EUR in EUR HTMontant maximum annual VAT: 50 000 EUR HTLA duration of the agreement -Frame run from the date of notification of the accord-cadre.La initial duration of 1 year, possibly renewable 3 times.
Quantity or scope: The contract is concluded as of the date of notification for a period coincides with the execution of market prestations.Le time is spent in the form of a framework agreement executed by issuing vouchers order under sections 78 and 80 of Decree No 2016-360 of 25 March 2016 and concluded with a minimum order amount corresponding to the fixed portion and a maximum order amount of EUR 9 000 HTLA fixed part for the presence 10 specialized protective agents.
Main features: Procedure adapted from Article 27 of Decree 2016-360.La procedure does not give rise to a ngociation.Accord framework of good commande.Montant minimum annual (3) 000) HTMontant annual maximum of (EUR 15 000 HTLA community is undertaken based minimum.La duration of execution of the order is 30 days from the issuance of the warrant.
Quantity or scope: The minimum necessarily ordered and the maximum amount that can be controlled by the public person on the execution of the contract are defined as follows: Minimum amount for 24 months: (12 000 euro s) HT / maximum amount for 24 months: 48 000euro (s) HTLA public person is engaged on the minimum and holds up to the maximum amount.
The amount of orders can not exceed 5000 euro s) (HTLA duration of the contract is as follows: The contract period is 1 year from the notification.Pour the flat part, the period of execution of each phase is as follows: Phase 1 - state of play: 3 moisphase 2 - critical analysis: moisphase 2 3 - development proposals: 2 moisCe short time after the date specified in the order service.Pour the unit price part, the maximum execution time of an order is 1 month from the date mentioned in the voucher.
Quantity or scope: It is divided into 2 lots: Lot 1: Vsubie Valley: -Amount annual minimum: 20 000EUR annual maximum HT-Price: 43 000EUR HTLot 2: Tine Valley: -Amount annual minimum: 30 000EUR HT-annual maximum amount: 61 000EUR HTLA duration of the framework agreement runs from the notification of the framework agreement (art.
01: between 16,000 euro (s) HT and 48,000 euro (s) HTLot 2: between 4000 euro (s) HT and 12 (000 euro s) HTLA duration of the contract is attached to a () 1 year from date of notification.Il is renewable two times a (2) express agreement for a period of a (1) year, a period maximum of three years total (3) in case of renewal.