HTLR4Human Toll-Like Receptor 4
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Phylogenetic Amino acid residues Cellular localization tree hTLR9 1032 Endosomal compartment hTLR7 1049 Endosomal compartment hTLR8 1041 Endosomal compartment hTLR3 904 Endosomal compartment hTLRl 786 Cell surface hTLR6 796 Cell surface hTLR10 811 Cell surface hTLR2 784 Cell surface hTLR4 839 Cell surface hTLR5 858 Cell surface
Kozlowski, "Ni(ii) binding to the 429-460 peptide fragment from human Toll like receptor (hTLR4): a crucial role for nickel-induced contact allergy?" Dalton Transactions, vol.