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HTLV-1Human T-Cell Leukaemia Virus Type 1
HTLV-1Human T-Cell Lymphotropic Virus-1
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Case-patient A was given a diagnosis of HTLV-1 infection during screening before he and his wife undertook in vitro fertilization (IVF).
Brazil, a country of more than 200 million inhabitants, represents one of the largest endemic areas for HTLV-1 and associated diseases in the world.
According to the previous CT studies for ATL patients and HTLV-1 carriers (8, 15, 16), CT scans were assessed with regard to each of the following patterns: centrilobular opacities, nodule (not centrilobular, <3 cm in diameter), ground-glass attenuation, consolidation, bronchiectasis, thickening of bronchovascular bundles, bronchial wall thickening, interlobular septal thickening, honeycombing, crazy-paving appearance, enlarged lymph nodes ([greater than or equal to]1 cm in diameter of the short axis, subclassified into mediastinal, hilar, supraclavicular, and axillary nodes), pleural effusion, pericardial effusion, and subcutaneous nodules.
In order to isolate genomic DNA, two blood samples of HTLV-1 positive were obtained from Urmia blood transfusion center.
Convenience/ availability sampling was performed from patients with the positive HTLV-1 test in Mashhad blood transfusion center who accepted to participate in the study.
These results led to the diagnosis of HTLV-1 infection-associated ATLL during the acute stage associated with a verrucous subtype of squamous cell carcinoma.
This neglected condition requires a high index of suspicion, especially in patients infected with HTLV-1 or who are undergoing treatment with corticosteroids or chemotherapy.
HTLV-1 infection is a well-known risk factor for hyperinfection syndrome.