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HTMHyperText Markup (file extension)
HTMHand To Mouth
HTMHi-Tech Manufacturing
HTMHigh Tide Mark
HTMHospitality and Tourism Management (various universities)
HTMHonda Transmission Manufacturing (Ohio)
HTMHotel and Tourism Management (various organizations)
HTMHigh Times Magazine (est. 1974; cannabis advocacy; New York)
HTMHold To Maturity
HTMHardware Transactional Memory
HTMHigh Thermal Mass (construction materials)
HTMHigh-Technology Manufacturing (various companies)
HTMHeart of Midlothian (Scottish football club; UK)
HTMHyper Text Markup Language
HTMHit Test Message
HTMHigh-Tech Medicine
HTMHierarchical Temporal Memory
HTMHomogeneous Transformation Matrix (mathematics)
HTMHaerterei Technische Mitteilungen (German: Hardening Technical Notes; journal)
HTMHazlo tú mismo (Spanish: do it yourself)
HTMHigh Temperature Material
HTMHealth Technical Memorandum
HTMHeat Transfer Media
HTMHuman Task Manager (software)
HTMHaagsche Tramweg-Maatschappij (Tram Corporation of the Hague)
HTMHeavy Trench Mortar (weaponry)
HTMHistorical Thinking Matters (educator resource website)
HTMHigh Traffic Mode (IRCd)
HTMHead Tyrolia Mares (Austria)
HTMHoly Tabernacle Ministries
HTMHelideck Team Member (energy industry fire training)
HTMHotel Technology Management Limited (UK)
HTMHyper-G Text Format (Hyper-G)
HTMHospital Technical Memorandum (Great Britain)
HTMHockey This Morning (radio show) (web forums)
HTMHonorary Toastmaster
HTMMaster of Horticultural Therapy (degree)
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and is poor HtM when the opposite (weak) inequality holds.
It is useful to explain the role of the model's parameters in determining wealthy HtM behavior.
Since the model is deterministic, wealthy HtM households choose to invest in the illiquid asset at t - 0, even though they know with certainty that they will be constrained in the next period.
If the transfer is small enough not to throw the agent off its kink ([m.sub.2] = 0), then the HtM household's marginal propensity to consume out of the transfer will be one.
It is useful to describe how wealthy HtM behavior can arise as a result of giving up gains from additional consumption smoothing in exchange for the opportunity of investing in a high-return asset that yields higher levels of average lifetime consumption.
The model in online appendix A shows that in this case, households can be wealthy HtM or poor HtM either at the zero kink or at the credit limit.
Third, as we showed in earlier work (Kaplan and Violante 2014a), in the presence of income uncertainty a wealthy HtM prefers bearing the welfare loss from income fluctuations to holding the large balances of cash required for consumption smoothing.
This behavior could potentially alter the model's implications for the marginal propensity to consume of wealthy HtM agents.
Hyperbolic discounting introduces an additional reason to save in illiquid assets, since illiquidity protects quasi-hyperbolic households from future consumption splurges (see Angeletos and others 2001; Laibson, Repetto, and Tobacman 2003), and therefore makes it even easier to generate wealthy HtM behavior.
For both types of HtM household discussed in section I--wealthy and poor--there are two kinks in the intertemporal budget constraint where marginal propensity to consume out of small income changes can be large; at zero liquid assets and at the unsecured credit limit.
Given the theoretical definition of HtM status, ideally we would observe balances of liquid wealth at the end of the pay period--the period that starts at income receipt and ends just before the next income receipt.
Given the timing mismatch between the discrete income payment and the continuous consumption expenditures, one would expect to observe positive (or above-credit-limit) balances of liquid wealth, even for the HtM households: this makes their identification especially challenging.